Tron apologises for a Twitter blunder

Tron apologises for a Twitter blunder

By Sam Grant - min read
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The Tron Foundation has offered an official apology following its mistaken gaffe that claimed the company had a user base of 10 billion

Tron founder’s Twitter account recently posted a tweet – that has since been deleted – saying the company had amassed a base of 10 billion users. The tweet read, “#TRON users exceeded 10B! Next goal 100B” Yes, you read that right. A user base exceeding the planet’s current population.

Reaction to the tweet

The tweet was met with amusement and confusion in equal measures by Twitter users. The claim was circulated across social media and followed by a sweeping derision in the crypto community. The tweet was quickly taken down but by then it had been widely shared.

The main cause of bewilderment was that the claim alleged more users than the current world population – about 8 billion. How then could Tron have a base with more users than the number of people in the world?

This triggered backlash from many social media users within the crypto space who scorned at the gaffe.

Before the official apology communication, some members of the crypto community had argued that the figure could actually be genuine. They maintained that multiple accounts by some users could account for the 10 billion figure – a claim that many disregarded.


In a series of tweets, the Tron Foundation explained that the staff member handling social media tasks mistakenly replaced an “m” with a “b”.

Part of the thread read, “TRON official statistics show that on Sep 19, TRON users exceeded 10 million. This accomplishment does not come easily. We have stayed true to our mission since our inception in Jun 2018, and were excited to announce this breakthrough to our supporters in the past two years. Unfortunately, our staff made a mistake by typing 10B instead of 10M and posting the wrong message on Justin’s and TRON’s official Twitter.”

As of writing, TRX price was down about 4% trading lower with the broader cryptocurrency market.