Waves plots major comeback after facing selling pressure

Waves plots major comeback after facing selling pressure

By Motiur Rahman - min read

Waves has been a delightful surprise in crypto over the past six months. The coin has seen rally after rally albeit it has pulled back several times. However, over the last two weeks, the coin has seen a major sell-off, pushing closer to its May lows in the process. But could Waves plot a decisive comeback? Here are some important points:

  • Waves peaked at around $11.5 at the start of June after a major bull run

  • The coin has however retreated sharply and is now trading at around $5

  • However, Waves is now within a decent demand zone

Data Source: TradingView 

How retesting major support helps Waves

As noted above, the sharp fall we have seen for Waves has pushed it towards major support of around $4.21. In fact, despite the massive sell-off we saw in crypto over the past week, the coin managed to hold this support level. With this in mind, we may now start to see some potential accumulation around this price. 

This will then trigger a trend reversal and push Waves further up in the near term. Also, looking at the momentum indicators, the coin has now gone towards the oversold threshold. This could suggest that the risk of a major decline is relatively lower.

It is likely that Waves will follow the trend in the broader crypto market for the week. After that, the coin may start to find its own directional momentum and could easily outperform major coins as it has over the past 6 months.

Should you buy Waves

One thing we have learned about waves over the last few months is that its highly volatile. So, it may be a good bet for short-term trades. For now, just watch the accumulation around the $4.23 support. 

If this continues for several days, it could mean that Waves is about to break out. Buy in and exit at around $7 to avoid major risk.