WePayBTC Makes Bitcoin Mining a Breeze

WePayBTC Makes Bitcoin Mining a Breeze

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 22 May 2020

Bitcoin mining at home seems to be a thing of the past according to most of the miners out there. Unless you have access to cheap (or free) electricity and ampe space to host enough Bitcoin ASIC miners, you will never see a profit. But what if you own some graphics cards you want to put to good use? WePayBTC might be the solution for you then, as this is the only Bitcoin mining pool with custom mining software that is both optimized for nearly all AMD video cards and requires next to no setup from the end user.

User-friendliness And Maximizing Profits

There are two major aspects that set WePayBTC apart from every other Bitcoin mining pool. As I mentioned in the introduction, it is very easy to start mining with WePayBTC, as their custom mining software is optimized for all high-end AMD video cards. The only set up you as a user need to do is entering your Bitcoin wallet address to receive payouts.

Comparing this to more traditional Bitcoin mining setups, users will no longer have to dabble around with custom configuration files to start mining or for switching mining pools. Not only will this save the end user a fair bit of time, it also offers a great platform to novice Bitcoin miners who want to dive in and start earning some BTC.

The only downside to the WePayBTC custom mining software is that fact that it will not work with NVIDIA graphics cards. Then again, the mining process on an NVIDIA card has always been far from optimal, as these cards are far more power hungry compared to their AMD counterparts, and can hardly achieve any decent mining hashrate.

But on the upside, the WePayBTC custom mining software does literally all the work for you. As WePayBTC is an algorithm-switching multipool – meaning it switches mining algorithm depending on which coin is more profitable -, this is all done automatically and the user will never notice the change. This feature is truly unique in the world of mining.

Proper Earnings Calculation Before you Start MIning

Assuming you decided to start mining on WePayBTC, you will want to know how much you will earn. Traditional mining pools will give you an estimated payout per day, which is always incorrect as it heavily depends on the total pool’s hashrate, mining difficulty and block reward. WePayBTC miners will never experience any of these issues,a s their daily earnings are calculated on beforehand, and are always correct.

All of this is achieved thanks to the pay-per-speed structure used to calculate mining earnings by WePayBTC;Once you have fired up your mining hardware, statistics will be at your disposal immediately, and the “Bitcoin amount owed to you” will start to increase over time. By implementing this pay-per-seed structure, WePayBTC removes a lot of the volatility and uncertainty regarding mining profitability.

Speaking of earnings, did you know WePayBTC pays out their miners three times per day? Most ining pools only do one automatic payout per day, assuming you won’t have to request it manually every time. In doing so, WePayBTC providers their users with an additional “layer” of user-friendliness, contributing to making mining fun and carefree once again.

Miners’ earnings are affected by one additional factor : latency when connecting to a mining pool. The higher your latency is, the high the risk of submitted mining shares being rejected as “stale shares”. WePayBTC solves this problem by offering no less than 8 different mining servers all around the world, giving miners al opportunities to maximize their mining revenue.

Website : https://WePayBTC.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/WePayBTC