While Fantom and Stellar face declines, NuggetRush surges ahead with exciting features

While Fantom and Stellar face declines, NuggetRush surges ahead with exciting features

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Google Cloud becomes a key node validator for Fantom (FTM)
  • Fantom price declines but could rebound with recent updates in its network.
  • Stellar faces a price correction, but buyers anticipate recovery.
  • NuggetRush shows growing interest and confidence in its presale funding, and potential to thrive in the market.

Fantom (FTM) and Stellar (XLM) prices have dropped following a recent negative trend in their networks. Fantom reached a high of around $1.00 in January but had fallen below this mark already by April. In a short period, Stellar pronounced a steep downward direction, jumping up and down to trade around $0.10.

By contrast, the NuggetRush (NUGX) coin has been performing well during its presale, selling out millions of tokens to interested investors. The project’s approach to mining in the P2E game among investors has been greatly supported.

Let’s dig a little deeper into Fantom and Stellar’s declining prices and how NuggetRush is bucking that trend.

NuggetRush (NUGX): presale raised over $3.8 million

NuggetRush, with its native token, NUGX, is showing impressive price performance in the presale and drawing in more investors. NuggetRush has surpassed expectations, with over 270 million presale tokens sold and over $3.8 million raised in presale funding.

With an upcoming airdrop into its network, could now be the time to invest in this new ICO? The price is $0.020 in its current round, although it is scheduled to increase in the next stage.

NUGX combines gold and artisanal mining in its play-to-earn (P2E) game and also supports miners in underdeveloped areas, showing its commitment to social impact. Players can build mines, compete, and win rewards, all while customizing their avatars or shopping for NFTs.

With a number of crypto analysts indicating it could become a top meme coin, NUGX offers character NFTs, RUSHGEMS, and a staking system to boost revenue, which can be converted into real gold and delivered to players.

NuggetRush uses a staking feature that even gives the holders of NUGX an annual rate of about 20% of the staked amount. When investors buy the NUXG token, they are free of all taxation, which makes it easy to buy even more. NUGX remains in the top crypto investments list because of its features and developments in 2024.

Entering the second quarter of the year, investors are looking closely at its prospects for becoming a top meme coin to see if it’ll continue to soar in the market. After it gets listed on big exchanges and starts trading live, many analysts think the price of NUGX could go up to $1.

Fantom (FTM): is it likely to achieve $1 by the end of April?

At the beginning of 2024, Fantom’s price surged over $1.00, a nearly 90% yearly increase. Its price rose steadily over 11% last month, trading around $0.80 and $1.20. However, in a downturn in the overall market, the Fantom cryptocurrency price slides to below $1.00.

Despite this, some experts are hopeful about Fantom’s future, especially with recent upgrades like Sonic on its ecosystem. They believe Fantom could bounce back and exceed $1.00 by the end of April, making it an exciting coin to watch for traders.

Stellar (XLM): will it retest its all-time high?

Stellar (XLM) has showcased a significant price correction during the past trending session. It briefly climbed from its all-time high before retracting to around $0.10 in April. Its monthly price chart reflects a nearly 20% decline, while its weekly price drops by almost 1%. The bears are in charge of its price trend, maintaining a firm command over the XLM-priced action, with bulls now attempting to take control.

The temporary drop in XLM price does not mark the end of high sentiment, as the price is expected to hit new highs. The bulls suggest the Stellar market could be moving towards a consolidation phase, as its price could probably move upwards from its current mark.


While FTM and XLM see their values drop, NUGX showcases its presale milestones in the crypto market.

Despite Fantom falling below $1.00 and Stellar’s price taking a big dip, NuggetRush’s presale has sold over 270 million tokens as its Launchpad phase nears its conclusion.

The creativity of NuggetRush has become clear among the Fantom and Stellar fluctuations. For more updates on NuggetRush, visit NuggetRush Presale Website.