How to Buy Oasis Network (ROSE) in 3 Simple Steps

Oasis Network (ROSE)
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Oasis Network is a privacy-first blockchain network that is fast spreading its wingspan to support a range of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects. Scroll down to learn more about the blockchain project raising alarm bells within investor circles, and to find out how you can buy, sell, and trade its native token, ROSE. 

Buy Oasis Network Token

The easiest way to buy Oasis Network Token is to purchase it online from a crypto exchange. Exchanges make it easy to buy and sell Oasis Network Token and other cryptocurrencies directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Check out our recommended platforms below and follow the steps to safely buy Oasis Network Token.

Choose a platform

You should buy Oasis Network with a broker or exchange that has an established reputation for its security standards, user-friendly interface, and low transaction costs. On the basis of these criteria, we have selected the best platforms where you can buy Oasis Network below. 

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$ 1
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Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is better suited to more experienced investors and it offers a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose from, at over 600. Binance is also known for having low trading fees and a multiple of trading options that its users can benefit from, such as; peer-to-peer trading, margin trading and spot trading.
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2. Create and fund your account 

To get things going, you’ll need to register for an account by providing some form of photo ID such as a passport alongside proof of residence. After this, you’ll be ready to transfer money to your account using payment methods that include Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. 

3. Buy Oasis Network

You can now buy Oasis Network on your exchange of choice by searching for the trading pair that best matches your local currency. For instance, if you reside in the Eurozone, you’ll probably want to select the EUR/ROSE trading pair so you can buy Oasis Network.

Table of Contents

Buy Oasis Network Today!

What Is Oasis Network?

Oasis Network is a privacy-first blockchain that emphasises personal data ownership and encourages users to participate in the creation of a “data economy” from which they can benefit by tokenising data. 

This addresses an increasing problem in today’s centralised web space where large private companies like Google or Amazon collect user data –– without compensating individuals –– in order to identify and monetise emerging user trends. The dangers of web companies harnessing user data are not only limited to commercial activities with user data even employed by political parties in some parts of the world to influence voter behaviour. 

Oasis Network tackles the unpermitted synthesis of web user data through its robust protection mechanisms. Oasis Network makes use of secure computing technology where data on its blockchain is encrypted within a hypothetical “black box” so the platform can provide its users with end-to-end confidentiality. 

While Oasis Network has traditionally prioritised decentralised applications (dApps) that underline user privacy, it has also pivoted toward DeFi projects in more recent times; branding itself as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum. Oasis Network eclipses its larger counterpart in the number of transactions per second on its network (TPS) in addition to servicing its users with a much lower transaction or “gas” fees. 

ROSE is the native crypto of Oasis Network and is used to power its expanding ecosystem of privacy-first and DeFi apps. Holding ROSE tokens grants users governance rights when it comes to making future changes about the architecture of the platform and enables them to claim rewards by lending out or “staking” their tokens. 

Ways to Invest in Oasis Network

You can choose to invest in Oasis Network for long periods of time, with an eye on allowing its value to potentially multiply, or you can opt to hold on to the coin for shorter spells of time. The investment strategy that will work best for you will boil down to your current financial position and the goals you set yourself. 

Buy and hold Oasis Network

Buying and holding on to Oasis Network for the long-term is the favoured approach among a majority of investors. The advantage of this strategy is that it requires a relatively low level of skill and effort, while still enabling you to potentially reap the fruits of your patience in the future as ROSE tokens could soar in value. 

Additionally, holding onto your ROSE also presents you with the added opportunity of staking your tokens in return for lucrative annual interest rates that may serve as passive income.  

Best Oasis Network wallets

The most secure method of storing your Oasis Network tokens is usually by taking self-custody of them. In other words, you are taking sole ownership of your ROSE and its safety, instead of placing your trust in the centralised web wallets offered by exchanges that are more prone to cyber-attacks. 

You can take self-custody of your ROSE by using private hardware wallets like Trezor, BitBox, and Ledger or by employing software wallets such as the official OASIS wallet. 

Trade Oasis Network

Some investors look to take advantage of fluctuations in the market price of ROSE by trading it on the open market. This is a strategy that can produce large returns in a short span of time but does not come without risk. Even the most experienced traders sometimes fail to predict market behaviour and see out losses because of the quantitative expertise required. 

Most traders choose to stow away their ROSE in web wallets integrated with exchanges instead of private hardware or software wallets. This is because periodically transferring tokens between private wallets and exchanges can be a costly process due to the transaction fees.

Should I Buy Oasis Network Now?

It is important that you make an effort to learn about the fundamentals, innovations, and blueprints that are catapulting Oasis Network in your own time. That said, here are some factors we have pinpointed for you so we can help you in deciding whether or not you should buy Oasis Network today. 

One factor contributing to the fast expansion of Oasis Network is that a number of cutting-edge innovators have been attracted to the project because it hosts popular programming languages like Java and Python. This not only adds to the utility of the privacy-first and DeFi dApps being created on Oasis Network, but also elevates the market value of its native token, ROSE.

At the same time, Oasis Network has attracted funding from some of the most prominent VCs in Silicon Valley. The investment amassed by the platform has allowed it to open a $200 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund with the purpose of supporting a cache of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects. It is bold ventures like this that have offered investors a glimpse of the potential of Oasis Network and the trajectory of its long-term value. 

Given Oasis Network’s strong emphasis on data privacy, it has also secured an intelligence-sharing partnership with Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, in order to counter malware attacks. For many razor-eyed investors, this only further demonstrates the value of the robust data protection dApps found on Oasis Network alongside the array of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects currently under development on its blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Oasis Network?
Oasis Network was founded in 2018 by Dawn Song. She is a Professor at the University of Berkeley, and has previously been recognised by MIT as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.
What are Layer-1 blockchains?
Layer-1 blockchains act as the foundation on top of which other projects can be built such as Layer-2 and Layer-3 platforms.
What do you mean by transactions per second (TPS)?
TPS refers to the number of transactions a blockchain can handle at one time. Some blockchain networks are renowned for the thousands of transactions they can operate at once, while others, like Ethereum, have often been criticised for falling short in this respect.
What is decentralised finance (DeFi)?
DeFi involves the peer-to-peer transfer of digital currencies and assets on the blockchain. It moves past the need for intermediaries such as banks to rubber-stamp the process.
What is the Metaverse?
The Metaverse is an emerging virtual reality where users can communicate with another using digital avatars. Social gatherings, work meetings, Esports, and other activities can be hosted in the Metaverse.

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