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How to Buy Radix (XRD) in 2024

By Rebecca Campbell - Updated 22 May 2024
Radix (XRD)
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Radix is a decentralised platform that gives users access to DeFi products like options and derivatives trading, yield farming, and collateralised lending. Stay on this page to learn more about how Radix is changing DeFi and where you can buy its native token XRD.

How to Buy Radix

You can purchase Radix online using a cryptocurrency exchange. This is the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies—all you need is a computer or mobile device. See below for our top picks of platforms that offer Radix and simple steps to buy Radix.

1. Choose a platform

You’ll want to select a platform that offers the best user experience, privacy features, and cost effective fees before you buy Radix. We have chosen the best of the lot for you below.

2. Create and fund your account

You can create your account by submitting your photo ID and proof of residence. You’ll then be able to transfer fiat to your account using payment facilitators that include PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

3. Buy Radix

To purchase Radix, you’ll want to search for the trading pair that aligns best with your national currency. For example, if you are a resident of the Eurozone, you should pick the XRD/EUR pair on the exchange you are using.

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Where to Buy Radix?

You can buy Radix from one of the leading platforms we have hand-picked for you below. We have chosen these vendors because of their ease of use, compliance standards, and low costs.

Things to Consider When Buying Radix

Keep in mind that buying Radix may lead to losses in the short-term even if its price rallies over a longer time horizon. If you are unsure about whether to invest in Radix, here are some reasons worth considering.

  • Evolving Blockchain. Radix launched its Olympia mainnet in 2021. This was accompanied by heightened user traffic on its network and a rise in the market price of XRD. More innovations to Radix’s platform are likely to reward investors in the future as they will give the project more value.
  • Staking. Investors can earn interest on their XRD by staking it in return for securing the Radix network. This is a popular way of earning passive income for users that can lend out their XRD in exchange for annual yields of up to 12%.
  • Throughput. Radix’s unique Cerberus consensus algorithm means that it can execute up to 50 transactions in under a second. This makes it far more scalable than competitors like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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