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How to Buy Harmony (ONE) in 3 Simple Steps

By Rebecca Campbell - Updated 24 June 2024
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Harmony enables developers to build decentralised applications (dApps) that are fast, cheap, and able to handle a large number of users. We’ll be exploring how you can buy Harmony’s native token, ONE, and what makes this project unique.

How to Buy Harmony

You can purchase Harmony online using a cryptocurrency exchange. This is the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies—all you need is a computer or mobile device. See below for our top picks of platforms that offer Harmony and simple steps to buy Harmony.

1. Choose a platform

Start by selecting one of the many brokers and exchanges available. It is wise to opt for a platform that is secure and regulated if you want your funds and personal information to be kept safe. You can see a shortlist of our recommended best platforms in the table below.

Min Deposit
$ 10
User Score
0% deposit fees, 0% withdrawal fees, 0% trading commissions
Set up automated trades and up to 50 limit orders with ease
Buy and sell 90+ cryptos and utility tokens, precious metals and national currencies with as little as $1
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Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Full Regulations:
Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.
Min Deposit
$ 2
User Score
Coinbase offers an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to diversify their portfolios.
Supports users from over 100 countries including the US and Canada
Employs robust security measures, including cold storage, to safeguard users’ crypto holdings.
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Coinbase is a widely recognized platform for buying, selling, and managing cryptocurrencies. With support for over 200 digital currencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Coinbase caters to both beginners and experienced traders.
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Full Regulations:
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2. Create and fund your account

Click “Create account” or “Register” to set up your account. This will involve providing your personal details and a photo ID if the platform requires KYC verification. After that, you can go to the deposit page and select one of the payment methods supported. Follow the on-screen instructions to fund your account.

3. Buy Harmony

Search the platform for the relevant Harmony trading pair (ie, if you just deposited British pounds, look for the ONE/GBP trading pair). Now you can create a buy order. A limit order means ONE will be bought automatically in the future when it reaches your chosen price. A market order means buying ONE straight away.

Table of Contents

What Is Harmony?

Harmony is a fast and open blockchain that enables developers to create dApps, as well as run applications that already exist on Ethereum. While Ethereum users can be plagued with high transaction fees when the network gets congested, dApps on Harmony can cope with many more users, who enjoy fees that are 1,000 times lower.

Harmony is also built to support governance, identity, assets, and collectibles, while its cross-chain bridges mean assets can be securely transferred between Harmony and other blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The speed and scalability of Harmony is facilitated by a process called sharding, which involves splitting the network into pieces called “shards” so that lots of transactions can be processed in parallel at the same time.

ONE is the native cryptocurrency on Harmony and is used to pay transaction fees, participate in governance, and secure the network through staking.

Ways to Invest in Harmony

Some people prefer to invest in Harmony for the long term while others prefer to sell their ONE for a profit as quickly as possible. These strategies may best suit different types of investors, so your experience level and goals could determine which you choose.

Buy and hold Harmony

This is the easiest strategy to follow as it simply involves buying ONE and keeping hold of it for a period of time. You don’t need to be a technical analyst to employ this strategy and it barely takes up any of your time.

As well as the possibility that your tokens will appreciate in value, this strategy enables you to grow the number of tokens you hold if you combine it with staking. This involves delegating your ONE tokens to a validator to help secure the network, for which you are rewarded with more ONE tokens.

Best Harmony wallets

When holding onto ONE for any period of time, it may be beneficial to store them in a private wallet. This can be a more secure option as only you will be able to access it. Private wallets tend to come in the form of either hardware or software.

Hardware wallets like Trezor, BitBox, and Ledger can be a bit technical to use and cost money but you are paying for the best possible security. Software wallets, although not quite as secure, are easier to use and can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile for free.

Trade Harmony

Trading ONE means buying and selling it much faster than investors so as to generate profits more frequently. You may have to spend some time and effort analysing the market to find the best times to buy and sell.

A private wallet is less useful to a trader as they would regularly have to transfer tokens out of it when they want to sell them. Instead, many traders opt to use the free web wallet provided by their exchange. Although less secure than a private wallet, this is the most convenient option for trading.

Should I Buy Harmony Now?

We can provide you with information about Harmony but this is a decision you will have to make for yourself. The supply of ONE is subject to inflation of about 3% per year, meaning the value of ONE isn’t driven by scarcity, but as this inflation is used to pay staking rewards, it could also drive demand from those wishing to stake the token.

The governance rights ONE provides and the need to pay transaction fees with it could fuel further demand for the token, while transaction fees are burned to offset issuance. The more dApps and users there are on Harmony, the more ONE will be needed to cover fees and the more ONE will be burned, which could lead to a rise in price.

The improvements Harmony provides over other blockchains such as Ethereum in terms of speed and scalability have already garnered the project a lot of attention. As Harmony bridges to other blockchains and continues to fund promising projects in the Harmony Ecosystem, it could prove to be a vital piece of blockchain infrastructure in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Harmony network secured?
Harmony uses its own unique consensus mechanism called Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS). This is a more decentralised system that enables ONE holders to delegate their tokens to validators to earn compounding rewards.
How do I stake ONE?
You can delegate your ONE to a validator using the staking explorer at and considering metrics such as APR, uptime, and commission when choosing whom to delegate to. Some wallets and exchanges support staking as well—just click “Stake” and follow the on-screen instructions.
Is Harmony faster than Ethereum?
Transactions on Harmony are finalised in two seconds, while those on Ethereum are finalised in six minutes.
What are Harmony bridges for?
The bridges can be used to send assets on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to Harmony.
Are NFTs available on Harmony?
All major non-fungible token (NFT) standards are supported on Harmony and some projects have been launched on Harmony to support the creation and trading of NFTs.

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