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How & where to buy Metacade (MCADE)

By Alice Leetham -
Metacade (MCADE)
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Metacade tokens are not yet available on a cryptocurrency exchange, but you can buy them during the presale. It only takes a few minutes to do this. Follow our quick step guide below to buy Metacade tokens.

How to buy Metacade

To buy Metacade, you need a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. It takes 10-15 minutes the first time, and is completely anonymous. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Visit the Metacade DEX

To visit the Metacade DEX, go to You don’t need to create an account or supply a copy of your photo ID for verification. Instead, you just need to connect your wallet.

Step 2. Connect your wallet

To buy MCADE tokens, you’ll need to connect your wallet. We recommend MetaMask, which is simple and easy to use. You can use any wallet you want, but MetaMask is a good choice if you’re new to crypto. Once your wallet is connected, you can send ETH or USDT to the Metacade presale to buy tokens.

Step 3. Buy Metacade tokens

In order to buy Metacade tokens, you will need to connect your wallet and fund it with USDT or ETH. Once you have done that, scroll down to where it says “Purchase $MCADE” and enter the amount of USDT or ETH you want to spend. This will tell you how many MCADE tokens you will get in return. Once you are happy with the amount, click “buy” and approve the transaction. Now you own Metacade tokens!

Table of Contents

Where to buy MCADE

The best place to buy Metacade tokens is on the Metacade DEX itself. Until the presale is over, there will be no other place to buy Metacade tokens. Once the presale is finished, we will update this page with all the available exchanges to purchase Metacade tokens.

How to trade MCADE

Once the presale is over and Metacade is available to publicly trade on the blockchain, you can trade it on a cryptocurrency exchange. You can do this by monitoring the price charts and then opening and closing a trade at the desired price. For example, if one MCADE token is worth $1 USDT, you would trade one USDT for one MCADE. The next day, if the price of MCADE increases to $2 USDT, you would close your trade and receive $2 USDT in return.

What payment methods can I use to buy Metacade?

The best way to pay for Metacade is by bank card, but there are other options as well. You can use other payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Buying Metacade with credit or debit card

You can buy Metacade with a credit card or debit card. Card payments are convenient and easy, but you might have to pay a higher fee to make a deposit this way. Binance charges 1.8% for a card deposit and some platforms charge as much as 4%.

Bank Account Transfer

The cheapest way to buy crypto is usually through a bank transfer. This is because most crypto platforms don’t charge for bank transfer deposits, and the transactions happen almost instantly since they run through the Faster Payments System.

Buy MCADE with PayPal

Crypto brokers that accept PayPal deposits include eToro, which doesn’t charge any fees for PayPal deposits. However, other platforms may charge a fee of 5% or more. So if you’re looking to buy Metacade, PayPal is a good option.

Alternative payment methods

Crypto brokers often let you pay with other providers or money transfer services, like Neteller, Venmo, or Payoneer. The options vary by broker, though, so be sure to check what’s accepted before signing up.

How to store your Metacade

If you want to store your Metacade for a long time, or if you own a lot of it, you should move it to a cryptocurrency wallet. This will keep your coins safe and secure. There are many different types of wallets to choose from, so research the options and find one that suits your needs.

A crypto exchange is a website where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It’s a bit like a bank, in that you’re trusting the company to protect your funds. But it’s also a bit like a personal wallet, in that you’re responsible for looking after your own money. Some of the best wallets to use are MetaMask and the Ledger Nano S.

Should you buy Metacade?

Metacade is a project that aims to create a decentralized video game arcade. It’s unclear whether this is a good investment or not, as it depends on your goals and the fundamentals of the project. Some key features of Metacade and its token include the ability to use it for in-game purchases, voting rights, and staking.

  • You can use Metacade to earn interest. By staking MCADE tokens, you can earn rewards and passive income from the platform. Metacade shares revenue it generates from the platform rather than issuing new tokens, in order to avoid inflating the number of tokens in circulation.

  • The total number of coins in circulation will decrease over time. Metacade plans to buy back or burn tokens once the platform starts generating revenue. There is a fixed supply of 2 billion MCADE coins, with 1.4 billion available during the presale. As the platform grows, fewer tokens will be available, making them more scarce.

  • MCADE coins are rewards that users can earn on the Metacade platform by participating actively. This includes playing games and giving feedback to developers. The distribution of coins is meant to help the community grow, improve games, and make the platform better.

  • Metacade is committed to helping developers create new and innovative games. We will be awarding grants to developers in order to stimulate new game development and growth in the ecosystem. Games that become popular on our platform, like Axie Infinity, can bring in new users and help drive further innovation. Grants will help encourage new games and bolster the development community.

  • The Metacades platform plans to become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) in the future. In the early stages of development, most decisions will be made by the in-house team. However, as the platform grows, the team will step back and allow the community to have a say in how it develops. This means that MCADE holders will have a say in how the platform develops in the future.

  • The metaverse is a hot topic right now, with many experts suggesting that it is the future of the internet. Some people are predicting that the industry will be worth $8 trillion in the future. MCADE is a metaverse coin, so it has plenty of opportunity to grow with this industry.

Pros and cons of Metacade


Metacade has a few advantages over other gaming platforms.

  •  Users can earn rewards for staking MCADE coins. 

  • Metacade has a solid roadmap to develop its platform.

  • Users can earn tokens for simply playing and providing feedback.

  • Developers need to use MCADE to launch games.


  • There are many cryptocurrencies that are more established than Metacade, which makes it a riskier investment. However, Metacade does have potential and could be a valuable investment if it succeeds. 

  • There are more established, and similar, cryptocurrencies already on the market

Overall, it’s important to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

How has Metacade (MCADE) performed this year?

Metacade (MCADE) is not currently being traded on any exchanges, but its presale price is $0.008. It is unknown how well it has done this year since it is in presale.

Is now a good time to buy Metacade?

It’s important to consider the price of Metacade before making any decisions about investing. If the current price is good and your investment goals match up, then now may be a good time to buy. However, if you’re not sure whether now is the right time to invest, it’s always best to do your own research and make a decision that’s right for you.

If you are a short-term trader, your goal is to make money through buying and selling cryptocurrencies regularly, whether that’s hourly, daily or weekly. Traders buy and sell quickly in order to make a profit (or avoid a loss), which is why any time is a good time to buy Metacade.

On the other hand, long-term investors aren’t as concerned with day-to-day price movements, but rather are looking at the overall trend over months or years. If you believe in the Metacade platform and its potential, then it might be a good time to purchase the cryptocurrency during a dip.

In our experience, most newcomers to the crypto market are looking for a middle ground. They don’t want to wait a long time for their investment to pay off, but they also don’t want to risk losing money by selling immediately.

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