Interview with Slava Rubin: Alternative Assets in Your Portfolio

Interview with Slava Rubin: Alternative Assets in Your Portfolio

By Dan Ashmore - min read

The world of investing has been a difficult place lately. It feels like every asset on the planet has been plummeting daily. But if you dig deep, there are some areas which have been weathering the storm.

Enter alternative assets. We had an intriguing chat with serial entrepreneur Slava Rubin, who is the Co-Founder of Vincent, the leading alternative investment search platform that has announced VALT Asset Management. VALT provides investors access to alternative assets once reserved only for institutional investors. These assets include venture capital, cryptocurrency, collectables, real estate, art, and debt — to individual investors. 

Amazingly, this even includes assets that have actually risen in the current climate. We spoke about the virtues of diversifying your portfolio into this space, what allocation one should do, and the death of the 60/40 portfolio.

Ever been interested in investing in official Michael Jordan sneakers, Monet paintings or soccer legend Pelé collectables? Whether you’re an investor or a fan of collectables or alternative assets, there should be something in here for you.

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