Kaspa (KAS) price pops amid Tier-1 Exchange listing campaign

Kaspa (KAS) price pops amid Tier-1 Exchange listing campaign

By Charles Thuo - min read
  • Kaspa (KAS) token has gained 76% over the past month.
  • Most of the gains were recorded in the past three days.
  • Kaspa has embarked on a vigorous campaign to have the token listed on a Tier-1 crypto exchange.

Kaspa (KAS) cryptocurrency has been making headlines in the recent past. It has shown quite a remarkable performance even in the bear market. There are actually reports that traders are disposing of their bitcoins for KAS tokens.

At press time, the price of KAS had risen by 6% to add to its 76% rise in the past month compared to Bitcoin (BTC) which has only risen by 2% in the past 24 hours and lost 3% in the past month. But why has Kaspa become such a sensation? Well, here is what is happening around Kaspa.

Kaspa campaign to list KAS on Tier-1 Exchange

Three days ago, Kaspa initiated a new crowdfund aimed at securing a Tier-1 Exchange listing for the KAS token.

The target of the crowdfund, which was scheduled to close today August 2 2023, is to raise $30,000 in the form of USDT and KAS.

The money raised through this campaign is intended to pay the listing fee obligations that may be established by the centralised exchange (CEX) listing the KAS token. This money will be used by the CEX, at its discretion, to run a thorough advertising campaign.

This marketing initiative will be essential after Kaspa is listed on the exchange since it intends to raise awareness of Kaspa, attract new users (who will benefit both Kaspa and the CEX), increase trading volume, and enhance liquidity. When taken as a whole, these results support Kaspa’s overarching goals of facilitating universal adoption and inclusivity.

Kaspa (KAS) has recently broken into the top 52 market cap coins, a significant accomplishment that has been met with improved buying power. The cryptocurrency’s performance has been so strong that there is speculation it could break its all-time high anytime if it continues on the same trajectory.