Shiba Inu gains while investors grab 50M Shiba Memu tokens on meme craze

Shiba Inu gains while investors grab 50M Shiba Memu tokens on meme craze

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • Shina Inu has risen by over 6% amid positive Shibarium news.

  • Shiba Memu benefits from the meme craze as it raises $1.5 million.

  • Shiba Memu has huge potential from its AI application.

Meme cryptocurrencies continue to attract interest despite crypto markets remaining mixed. A few weeks after launching a presale, investors bought over 50,000,000 tokens of Shiba Memu (SHMU). The AI and blockchain-led project has generated nearly $1.5 million. Is this an indication of the growing popularity of meme cryptocurrencies?

Shiba Inu is the top gainer among the top 20 cryptos

Perhaps underlining the interest in meme cryptocurrencies is Shiba Inu. Unlike Shiba Memu, Shiba Inu has been in the meme space for a while. The cryptocurrency has attracted praise and criticism in equal measure. For critics, Shiba Inu carries little or no value. 

The delayed launch of Shibarium has been a particular source of criticism. Shibarium is expected to give Shiba Inu more utility. This includes powering the project’s metaverse dream. For enthusiasts, Shiba Inu can take on established blockchains and cryptocurrencies. 

As such, Shiba Inu has witnessed wild price swings on changing investor sentiment. However, Shiba Inu is the top-gaining cryptocurrency this week among the top 20 peers. In the past week, the cryptocurrency has added over 6%. The gains are about half its closest top gainer, BNB, with 3.30%.

The gains in Shiba Inu came when the Shibarium Beta Bridge went live for public testing. Enthusiasts have reacted to the developments, which suggest Shibarium is well on course. But meanwhile, Shiba gains underline that investors are still banking on tokens that drive overnight hype. The fast-selling Shiba Memu presale partly underlines this sentiment. 

Why is the Shiba Memu presale in high demand?

 Like any other meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Memu is benefiting from investor demand. These tokens rise at the slightest of news, returning big to its early movers. But Shiba Memu is crafting a niche that investors are banking on.

Shiba Memu is a self-marketing cryptocurrency. It leverages artificial intelligence to market itself and generate hype. By leveraging AI, Shiba Memu aims to become self-sufficient. This creates a unique investment opportunity as it can deliver consistent results. 

Shiba Memu enters the meme space when the application of AI is rising. There is no limit on what AI can do, meaning that Shiba Memu can become more intelligent and powerful. The project also learns every time, and being robotic-led, it can do more than humans. This gives the token a huge potential to explode as AI and blockchain become more pronounced.

What is the investment potential of Shiba Memu?

Meme cryptocurrencies are always an exciting asset class. They always surprise the market, pulling double and triple-digit returns in hours or a few days. In fact, meme tokens have grown so popular that their market cap crossed $20 billion in 2022. The market value was $0 in early 2020.

With the market growth, a huge potential lies in meme tokens like Shiba Memu. That also reflects a changing investment landscape where meme stocks and tokens are growing popular. Shiba Memu could ride the meme frenzy to become a strong and valuable cryptocurrency.

Apart from the market size and dynamics, Shiba Memu is the only meme cryptocurrency that is AI-led. Users can use the project’s AI dashboard to monitor hot and trending topics in creative advertising. This could also be a chance for users to engage the AI itself. They can ask questions, provide feedback, and give suggestions. The engagement could make Shiba Memu user-centric and drive value for the native token.

Shiba Memu price dynamics are unique

The desire to own Shiba Memu at presale is high as this will only be an 8-week affair. Within this period, the price of SHMU will have doubled from $0.011125 to $0.0244. This is because the price of SHMU increases every day at 6 pm GMT. It means investors that buy now are better off than 24 hours later. That potentially explains the fast happening presale.