Mexican Stock Exchange could list crypto futures, says CEO

Mexican Stock Exchange could list crypto futures, says CEO

By Hassan Maishera - min read

Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream, and retail and institutional investors are getting more ways to access them

The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) is looking to list cryptocurrency futures on its platform, making it easier for investors to gain indirect exposure to the crypto market. The stock exchange’s CEO José-Oriol Bosch announced this latest development earlier this week.

In an official interview, Bosch stated that they are planning to list the futures on their derivatives exchange. He added that they had discussed and analysed the initiative with financial authorities in the country.

According to Bosch, the financial regulators are careful to ensure that the stock exchange doesn’t experience something similar to the dot-com bubble. However, he believes that the BMV will follow the footsteps of other stock exchanges in other parts of the world and list cryptocurrency futures.

The cryptocurrency futures would make it easier for retail and institutional investors to gain indirect exposure to Bitcoin and some of the other leading cryptocurrencies. The interview came a few days after Bosch revealed at a forum that the BMV is seeking authorisation from regulators to list crypto futures on its derivatives platform. However, he added that the Mexican regulators are more conservative on the issue than others.

In addition to cryptocurrency futures, Bosch said the exchange also wants to list cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The crypto ETFs would be listed on its International Quotation System (SIC), a platform dedicated to trading foreign securities.

The cryptocurrency space has been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years, and more investors are seeking access to the coins. ETFs are one of the ways institutional investors can gain exposure to cryptocurrencies.

While most countries are still unsure about listing crypto ETFs, Brazil and Canada are leading the way after approving Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in recent months.