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BitQH Review 2024 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

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By Benson Toti - Updated 04 May 2023
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For more than a decade, Bitcoin has been the leading coin in the cryptocurrency sector. Currently, it is the best-known cryptocurrency in the world. However, in order to trade it successfully, traders need a lot of knowledge and trading experience, which is difficult for newcomers to obtain.

This is why automated trading robots like BitQH App exist so that they could provide anyone with an opportunity to trade almost immediately with a low initial investment, and take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the growing crypto market.

What is BitQH App?

BitQH claims to be a fully automated trading system that leverages the power of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The robot automatically selects trades via its smart algorithms, allegedly ensuring daily profits of up to 300%. According to details on their website, customers don’t need to have special skills to use and start benefiting from the robot’s powerful trading system.

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Min Deposit
$ 250
User Score
Excellent Customer Service and Support
Minimum 26% Return Reported
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Payment Methods:
Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer
Full Regulations:
We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Pros & Cons of BitQH App


  • It is easy to use
  • It is completely free
  • No withdrawal or deposit fees
  • You can withdraw money at any time
  • User experience has so far proven to be excellent
  • It has a low minimum deposit
  • Good customer support
  • It has a demo account
  • It works with many regulated brokers


  • The creator of the BitQH App is unknown
  • We were unable to find a confirmation that the app itself is regulated

Who Created BitQH App?

BitQH App was reportedly created by a group of experienced developers and crypto traders who wanted to make it possible for others to enjoy the possibilities and opportunities of the crypto industry.

The app has since partnered with numerous reputable brokers

Who Created BitQH App?

Key Features of BitQH App

The app offers several important features that are obligatory for this kind of software. Some of them can be rather beneficial for the users’ safety and smooth user experience. The most important features of the app are as follows:


BitQH App’s payout system is highly advanced, and it reportedly works without any problems, issues, or errors. This is encouraging to hear, as the payout system is an important factor for any crypto trading robot.

The system is activated automatically after the live trading session is concluded. The robot’s website further claims that it is possible for users to make quite high payouts once they start making more profitable trades, and potentially choose to reinvest some of their profits. However, for the initial period, it is recommended that users start small, regardless of whether they are new or experienced, at least until they are sure that they understand how the robot works.

Verification System

To start trading, you must first create an account, which only requires your first name, last name, email and phone number. The company does not mention the need for users to verify their identity.

The account creation system is quick and hassle-free. New users do not have to spend a lot of time on onboarding and can start trading quickly after they join the app’s user base.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process is also reportedly very reliable and straightforward. Users are allowed to withdraw money at any time they want. Users are advised to withdraw the amount they originally invested as soon as the profits start coming in.

This is a good strategy for users to manage the risk as they would have already returned the money they started with, and that all trading that will follow will only draw funds from the pool of profit generated by the robot. This gives users peace of mind and encourages them to trade further, as well as to quickly get the fruits of their labour. 

Users can quickly withdraw funds to their crypto wallet or bank account, and then use it as they see fit, or simply hold it to be used later down the line.

Costs and Fees

BitQH App seems to be handling fees rather well, as it has no hidden charges of any kind, as far as we managed to find out. It does not require a license fee, meaning that you can use it completely for free. While it is possible that this might change in the future, due to increased demand for the platform and similar robots, for now, the company does not charge a premium. However, it does impose a 2% commission on all profits that are made by using the robot.

Reportedly, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees, or even inactivity fees. 

User Testimonials

We were interested in seeing how the app’s users are responding to the trading robot, so we looked into user testimonials. Unfortunately, there are not too many of them online, which is not that surprising, given that the robot is still relatively new. It was only launched in 2019, and it likely took a while for the word to spread.

Testimonials that we did find have been fairly positive, with the users calling the robot ‘convenient,’ and an ‘excellent and quick platform’. There is a possibility that new users could still have negative experiences with the platform, but so far, none such experiences were reported.

But, as mentioned, you should always be ready for issues, even if they were not reported as of yet.

Customer Service

BitQH App appears to have a very good and dedicated customer service, which is available around the clock. Good customer service is also an important factor when selecting an automated trading robot, as it can answer all your questions, and even solve potential problems if you encounter any.

We are not saying that it has any known issues, but potential hiccups can emerge at any time, as no software out there is flawless. Things tend to get especially interesting when it comes to the crypto industry, which is itself still considered new and evolving, so having a competent customer service to rely on is crucial, especially when your own money is involved.

Affiliated Brokers

BitQH App is reportedly connected to several regulated brokers who not only offer good deals, but there is also a rumour that the development team is comprised of brokers who are involved with Bitcoin. This would not be surprising if true, but for the time being, it remains only a rumour.

Is BitQH App Legitimate?

So far, we were unable to find evidence that there is anything wrong with BitQH App, or that it is a scam. There are only positive user testimonials, and the site claims that many people were successful when it comes to earning rather decent amounts of money from the site.

Based on online reviews and user testimonials, the app appears to be legitimate and functional, when used correctly. We still advise approaching it with caution and not risking more money than you can handle losing, but that is just a safety precaution that should be applied whenever you trade digital currencies or other assets.

5 Reasons to Use BitQH App for Trading

Demo account

One great reason to use BitQH App is the fact that the app offers a demo account. This is a special type of account where you don’t join the real, live market, but rather a simulated one. You are granted fake money with which you get to practice trading.

If you experience losses, those are not real losses, and the same is true about any gains. In essence, it is a good place to practice your approach to crypto trading and test different strategies.

Low minimum deposit

Many trading robots require you to deposit a sizeable amount of money before you can start trading, which can go up to $1,000, and sometimes even more. BitQH App, on the other hand, only requires you to deposit $250. You then use that money to enter the live trade mode, where you buy and sell coins to profit from their price shift.

Since most traders will likely be able to deposit this amount, it is generally considered that robots are very accessible and a good way for new users to enter the crypto industry.

It is able to engage in fast trading

One of the biggest flaws of human traders is our inability to gather and process data quickly. We have to read the news, analyse charts, and manually use tools to determine Bitcoin’s price action, which slows us down, and the price can already start changing unfavourably by the time we react.

BitQH App does it all in a blink of an eye, and as such, it can benefit from all the emerging opportunities. Investing in BTC when it is at $18k only to watch it surge to $42k is a massive opportunity that comes once every few years. But smaller ones are much more difficult for humans to exploit, while an app can do it with ease.

It is automatic

In addition to processing data and reacting faster, it is also worth pointing out that the trader does it all on its own. All you need to do is give it instructions, such as when to enter and when to exit, what risk measures to apply and how much money to use per trade. 

With these and similar parameters in place, you can leave it and go about your day, while the trader will keep entering and exiting positions and completing trades all on its own.

It is not burdened by emotions

Another major flaw with human traders is that we get emotional rather easy. When we complete several trades successfully, we start feeling a lot more confident, and we start taking unnecessary risks which lead to losses. Also, if we lose a few trades, we start hesitating in fear that the next one will be bad as well, which leads to missed opportunities.

BitQH App is a robot and relies on data eliminating emotions like fear, confidence, or even arrogance, which have brought the downfall of many manual traders.

What’s the Best Way to Use BitQH App?

The best way to use BitQH App is to give it the proper parameters and to watch it work. If you are a new trader, you will likely learn how to behave in the rapidly-shifting crypto market. If you are experienced, you will also be able to learn about how the robot does things differently from you, and determine whether or not your approach is better. The app is easy to use and can even operate on crypto derivatives platforms and exchanges. 

Has BitQH App Ever Appeared on TV?

As you may know, there are several television shows such as Dragons Den or Shark Tank, where would-be developers, entrepreneurs and inventors get to propose their ideas to successful businessmen.

Those who find that the ideas have potential may offer to fund the developer and their research. Software developers commonly appear on such shows, which is why many assume that software programs and platforms that get mentioned on TV can be considered trustworthy.

Dragons Den:

After extensive research, we have not found any link between the app and Dragons Den, but that does not mean that the app is not reliable and trustworthy. After all, not every invention emerged in such shows, so this doesn’t mean much, but we thought that it deserves a mention.

Shark Tank:

We were also interested in seeing whether BitQH App ever emerged on Shark Tank, as it is also a very well-known and popular show of this kind, but no links between the two were found here, either. Once again, that is not a sign that the project cannot be trusted, but that it simply did not originate in one of these shows.

Has BitQH App Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity

There are many celebrities involved with the cryptocurrency space these days, such as:

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been involved with crypto projects for some time. She is known for being a major supporter and promoter of Abra wallet several years ago. However, she did not announce her support or even knowledge of automated trading robots.

Elon Musk  

Elon Musk is a famous billionaire, entrepreneur and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He admitted to being impressed with Bitcoin’s decentralisation, and he even said that Dogecoin was his favourite crypto. However, he never admitted to trading cryptocurrencies, nor did he openly support BitQH App, or any other trading robot, as far as our research has uncovered.

Mike Tyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has been involved with Bitcoin for at least five to six years at this point. He even launched a Bitcoin wallet featuring his face tattoo, and an entire series of Bitcoin ATMs. But, he was never known for supporting BitQH App or any other trading robot.

Ashton Kutcher

Actor Ashton Kutcher is also well-known for his involvement with the crypto industry. He invested in UnikoinGold—a coin meant for betting on various gaming championships—as well as BitPay. He recognised that Bitcoin is becoming more and more relevant as far back as in 2013 when he said as much during an interview. However, Kutcher was never connected to the BitQH app or any similar piece of software.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With BitQH App

If you are new to the trading world, you should try to stay calm and logical. The trading world is based on facts and stats, data and information. True, the market sentiment plays a large role in price movement, but that is exactly why you need to keep cool and analyse everything with logic. Other than that, we can offer 5 more pieces of advice that could help you become more successful, or at least, minimise your losses.

Start Small

The first thing to keep in mind is to start small, especially if you are new to the crypto industry, or automated trading bots. 

Every trading robot works similarly. However, every trading robot is also a completely different and unique piece of software, so you should not risk too much of your money before you know what to expect. This is why it is best to start small, with the minimum deposit; so that if things do not go your way, your losses would not be too big.

Save Some Profits

After a few successful trades, you will, hopefully, have made some satisfying profits. Now, the question is what to do with them. Obviously, you can use them to continue trading with greater capital, or you can withdraw them to your account for spending purposes.

But, it might be worth considering saving a portion of the money. Put some of it aside, so that you would have something to fall back to in case you start experiencing losses, and you won’t have to deposit money that you need for everyday life.

Smart money management is also a skill that needs to be learned, but if you do it right, it can be a very useful one. Keep that in mind, and remember that the crypto industry is very volatile and that funds can arrive and go just as easily. Trading robots like BitQH App can help you earn more, but not even robots are immune to sudden price shifts, which can be quite impactful when it comes to Bitcoin.

Follow the Advice of Experts

The cryptocurrency industry is full of experts, many of which are extremely knowledgeable about the market and capable of predicting trends, price movement, and other factors that may affect your trading. These people have been in the industry for years—many were there right from the start, mining Bitcoin with their CPU and nothing else, which is impossible today.

The point is, they have seen it all, and their insights can sometimes be invaluable. This goes for novices and long-time traders alike, as even other experts can sometimes benefit from a fresh perspective.

So, regardless of the group that you belong to, it is good to keep an eye on what those with more experience are saying and thinking. You should still form your own opinion and act on your ideas, but the best way to grow without suffering heavy losses is to follow the advice of experts. 

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Cryptocurrency regulations are non-existent in most countries, but cryptocurrency taxation is already here. The government is already prepared to tax you for all your crypto earnings.

The trouble is that crypto prices are ever-changing, and you will likely have plenty of transactions, especially with a robot such as BitQH App. When the time to file your taxes arrives, you will have to report the date of the transactions, as well as the profits and prices at the time of the transaction.

As a result, we recommend keeping detailed records of every transaction that you make, so that you don’t end up having problems with your local tax agency.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

Lastly, keep in mind that it takes a lot of money to start trading, as you will probably make mistakes when you first begin. This is why you should always remember not to risk the money that you need for everyday life. The money for your rent, utilities, transportation, food and other necessities needs to remain untouched.

This is difficult to remember when you are on the winning streak, but keep in mind that your luck could turn at any moment and that your losses could be severe. Hopefully, this will not happen, but you should always assume that every trade could fail. Never risk the money you can’t afford to lose. Many have forgotten this, and they lost everything. Don’t let that happen to you, too.

Our Conclusion

BitQH App appears to be relatively young but reportedly appears to be a reliable Bitcoin trading robot based on online reviews and user testimonials. It certainly has all the necessary features for new and experienced traders alike to use for making a profit. Its website does offer some likely exaggerated claims about the amount of money that can be earned through the use of the robot, but that is not surprising, or condemning, as there is no limit to how much one can earn with a trading robot, provided that they deposit enough money.

Min Deposit
$ 250
User Score
Excellent Customer Service and Support
Minimum 26% Return Reported
Get Support From A Free Advisor
Visit Site
Payment Methods:
Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer
Full Regulations:
We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitQH App legitimate?
Our research involved looking at online reviews and testimonials about the app and so far, online reviews suggest that it is safe to use. It is not unusual to see that even legitimate apps are called scams, as people tend to associate highly-profitable platforms with online fraud.
How much do I need to trade per day?
You can operate and set up the app in just 20 minutes per day, and leave it to do its work on its own for the remaining time. As for how long that should be, that is up to you to decide.
Can I really make money with BitQH App?
Absolutely. Based on the online reviews that users have submitted, many are already doing it. However, keep in mind that the app is a tool—useful as it may be—but still a tool that might not always do things perfectly. This is a constant risk when dealing with the crypto industry.
I have never traded crypto before, can I still use it?
Yes, BitQH App is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Its developers assumed that some of its users would be first-time crypto users, and they made the app very easy to operate.
Can I withdraw money from BitQH App?
Yes, you can withdraw money at any time. BitQH App has even partnered with many brokers to offer a seamless user experience. Simply go to your account balance tab and find the broker's funds management dashboard, where you can fill out a withdrawal form.
Do I need to pay to use BitQH App?
No, using the robot is currently completely free. You will only have to pay 2% of your profits to the app.
Can I use BitQH App on my smartphone?
Yes, BitQH App is a multi-platform app that can be used on PC, as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Is there some kind of a welcome bonus on the BitQH App?
Yes, BitQH App offers a welcome bonus of up to 100%. It even has a 50% redeposit bonus, which will significantly boost the money you get to use when you first start trading.
Disclaimer: All testimonial photos are stock imagery and do not represent the people behind the feedback.