Xcoins Cryptocurrency Exchange Review 2024 | Pros, Cons, and More

By Onose Enaholo - Updated 26 February 2024
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Xcoins is a solution provider for retail investors looking for a quick and easy way to buy crypto. The platform offers quick transactions (typically 15 minutes or less), live market pricing, cost transparency, and a non-custodial service.

On paper, this exchange is the ideal tool for investors, however, does it stack up just as well in real daily conditions? And is it a suitable tool for retail investors?

Our review answers these questions by diving into Xcoin’s platform, offerings, benefits, drawbacks, fees, and limitations to help paint a holistic picture of what using this platform is like.

We highlight its pros and cons, outline its benefits, and give a verdict on its suitability as a crypto investment tool.

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4 Steps to Sign Up to Xcoins Exchange

Already sold on Xcoins? Follow these steps to sign up.

1. Register and Verify your Account.

Navigate to the Xcoins website and click Sign Up at the top right side of the page. Fill out the form with your email address, password, and phone number. You must pass email and phone verification to move to the next stage.

Note that you can purchase up to $150 in crypto without passing KYC if you’d prefer to remain anonymous or you just want to give the platform a try.

2. Pass KYC

Next, verify your account by submitting ID documents like a government-issued ID and a proof of address document like a utility bill that clearly shows your name and address.

3. Buy Crypto

Once your account has been verified, you can immediately begin buying cryptos using any of the five payment methods: Credit cards, Faster Payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and SEPA.

4. Receive Coins in your Wallet

You’ll be asked to provide a crypto address to receive coins at the purchase stage above. Be consistent with the network used, pay, and wait 15 minutes for coins to be sent to your wallet.

Pros & Cons of Using Xcoins Exchange


  • Easy signup process
  • Non-custodial
  • Can buy without verification (below $150)
  • Global payment system
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No fees for the first purchase


  • Limited to six cryptocurrencies
  • Typically more expensive than conventional crypto exchanges

History of Xcoins Exchange

Xcoins Exchange was founded in 2016 by three crypto enthusiasts in South Florida to make purchasing cryptocurrency as accessible and available as a regular online credit card purchase.

In 2019, the company moved to Malta because of the country’s friendlier crypto regulations, allowing Xcoins to obtain a Class 3 VFA license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in 2021.

Armed with a regulatory license, the exchange launched a payment service in 2022 that allows merchants worldwide to receive payments in 10+ cryptocurrencies easily and in real time.

Today, Xcoins has 300,000 customers in over 167 supported countries that have transacted over $400 million of lifetime volume.

How Does Xcoins Exchange Work?

Buying and selling crypto with Xcoins is straightforward. The process starts with opening and verifying an account. You’ll need to pass both email and phone verification in addition to KYC.

Once your account is set up, you can purchase any of the six cryptocurrencies available, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin using either a credit card, Faster Payments, SEPA, or mobile payment solutions like Apple and Google Pay.

Select the crypto you wish to buy and a currency you wish to use, the available options being GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, and CAD. Input the amount you wish to purchase and select the payment method you wish to use.

You’ll be prompted to input a crypto wallet address for the coin you wish to buy. Xcoins doesn’t hold your coins; instead, it sends them to the wallet you provide.

Once you’re satisfied with your trade parameters, execute the transaction and wait 15 minutes for your coins to reach your wallet after a successful transaction. Note that the minimum limits for crypto purchases are $50 for BTC and ETH, $40 for XRP, and $30 for BCH, XRP, and LTC.

To sell crypto, simply follow the process above in reverse. The only payment method accepted is VISA and Mastercard credit cards.

Key Features and Offerings of Xcoins

Buy Cryptocurrency

Xcoins’ buy crypto feature allows anyone to buy crypto using a major payment method and fiat currency. The buy feature is built to deliver simplicity, speed, and efficiency to retail buyers while helping them maintain custody of their coins.

This buy offering includes coins like Bitcoin which can be purchased using either USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, or CAD at a minimum of $50 and a maximum based on your verification status. These limits also apply to Ethereum.

For coins like Ripple, the minimum buy limit is $40. The minimum limit for the rest (Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin) is $30, while all other parameters (like fiat currency and payment methods) remain the same.

For more information, visit the buy crypto section of the website.

Sell Cryptocurrency

Xcoins’ sell feature allows you to sell any supported crypto for cash at prevailing market rates. Usually, the platform locks in your rate at the point of sale to ensure you receive the expected amount (minus charges).

However, unlike the buy feature, selling crypto on Xcoins only works with VISA and Mastercard credit cards.

For more information, visit the sell crypto page of the website.

Mobile Payment Integration

Xcoins supports mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can select this method as your preferred payment method during purchase. This feature also makes the app mobile-friendly as you can access it from a mobile browser.

Xcoins Payments

Xcoins Payments is a crypto payment gateway built and managed by the exchange that allows merchants to accept payments in over 10 cryptocurrencies from customers worldwide.

Thanks to the company’s Class 3 Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) License from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), it can offer these services in a legally compliant way. Hence, users are on the right side of the law.

Similar to the purchasing process, crypto prices are locked in at prevailing market rates at the point of execution so that users are not affected by fluctuations when transactions are processed.

For more information on integrating crypto payments into your business, visit the Xcoins Payments page.

Affiliate Program

Xcoins Exchange runs an affiliate program that rewards users who refer other users who transact. You can earn $10 for every user who creates an account and 20% of the lifetime net revenue of all referred users.

The affiliate program has other benefits, like a dedicated account manager and weekly payouts. To begin, navigate to the affiliates page to get a custom tracking link.

What Can You Trade With Xcoins Exchange?

Xcoins doesn’t allow you to trade cryptos like conventional crypto exchanges. Instead, it provides a platform to buy cryptos quickly and efficiently directly to your decentralized wallet. Hence, not much trading occurs in the traditional sense.

The cryptos available for buys and sells include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Factors to Consider Before Using Xcoins Exchange


Security is the paramount factor for any crypto platform that either stores users’ funds and data or connects with payment services; Xcoins Exchange does two of these.

The ideal measure is SSL encryption to guard against malicious traffic. However, this should be augmented by various platforms and traffic firewalls. If you’re not technically inclined, legal licenses are a good way to tell if a platform is up to standard technologically.


Xcoins Exchange is regulated by the relevant authorities in Malta. The exchange holds a Class 3 VFA license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) which it obtained in 2021.

These licenses usually come with financial, technological, and compliance standards, which Xcoins has adhered to since receiving its license.


For platforms that focus on convenience and speed, the time lag between purchasing and receiving coins should be reasonable. Ideally, this should be instant, but Xcoins does not function like a custodial exchange.

Hence, there is a 15-minute lag between payment confirmation and coins being delivered to your wallet. Sometimes, that lag could be caused by network congestion on crypto networks themselves (a good example is Bitcoin thanks to the Ordinal boom).

The platform tries to keep transaction time under 15 minutes, but that may not always be feasible.


The total fees incurred from using a platform involve transaction or conversion fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, maintenance fees (often referred to as platform fees), and all fees that result from the process of purchasing (or selling) crypto using a particular platform.

In Xcoins’ case, there are no account maintenance or platform fees. The exchange charges a flat 4% – 6% of the transaction volume per trade. An extra 3.9% processing fee is applied if you use a credit card.

However, your first card conversion is free.


For crypto conversions, prevailing market rates at the time of purchase are always used; however, an exchange rate could be applied when converting currencies.

For example, if you select USD as your payment currency but use a Euro credit card to pay, an exchange rate (and fee) will be applied to your transaction. Your bank, not Xcoins, levies this charge.


The only limits that are set on Xcoins are the minimum purchase limits, which are $50 for BTC and ETH, $40 for XRP, and $30 for BCH, XRP, and LTC. Maximum limits may depend on the company’s internal policies and your payment provider.

Payment Methods

Crypto platforms that offer purchasing services should ideally support as many payment methods as possible. In practice, this is not always feasible as an exchange’s officially supported payment methods are influenced by regional regulations. This is why some exchanges also run p2p markets that can support more payment methods.

Xcoins Exchange is not free from legal influences over its supported payment methods and, as such, accepts only five payment methods: credit/debit cards, SEPA for European users, Faster Payments for UK users, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Customer Service

Customer service is a pillar that props the user experience. The ideal situation is live chat, phone, and email support availability. However, due to geographical constraints, many exchanges opt for email and live chat support.

Xcoins is one of those exchanges as the company provides round-the-clock (24/7) support via live chat and email.

Xcoins Exchange Fees and Costs

Conversion Fees

Xcoins charges conversion fees within the range of 4% – 6% of the transaction volume per trade. This is a flat fee and is the only conversion fee charged. However, the platform also charges a 3.9% credit card processing fee for credit card purchases.

Exchange Rate Fees

Exchange rate fees are costs associated with converting one fiat currency to another and are usually applied to transactions where the fiat currency for a user’s payment method is different from the one chosen on the site.

For example, if you buy Bitcoin using CAD, but your Google Pay currency is set to EUR, your bank will charge you a fee for converting EUR to CAD.

Payment Methods & Limits of Xcoins

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the most widely used payment methods because of their speed and ease, but they can also be the most expensive. Xcoins accepts card payments for all cryptos and also accepts them for withdrawals.

However, there is a 3.9% processing fee with all credit card payments aside from the first one (which is free). The minimum purchase limit aligns with the limits stated in previous sections for all cryptos.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile payment solution that offers as much speed and convenience as credit cards but with lower fees. However, they are not as widely available as they are usually only used in developed countries.

Aside from the standard conversion fee, Xcoins does not charge for using this payment method. However, your bank or the service itself may charge you. Ensure you check before proceeding with any transaction when using this payment method.

As with credit cards, minimum and maximum limits correspond with those set for all cryptos.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another widely used mobile payment service in the developed world, as such it is an efficient method for most of Xcoins’ users. There are no extra charges for using Apple Pay, and its limits align with the platform’s.


SEPA is a popular European payment provider that is swift and easy to use. However, it is limited to European users. Xcoins doesn’t impose extra charges for using SEPA, and the limits align with general rules.

Faster Payments

Faster Payments is a payment infrastructure that powers real-time payment settlements. The service is available 24/7 all year and is powered by a network of banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions.

Xcoins supports Faster Payments at no extra charge, but the service is generally only available to UK residents.

How Does Xcoins Compare to Other Crypto Exchanges?

Xcoins Exchange is not the only service offering an easy way to buy Bitcoin. Other exchanges offer the non-custodial services that Xcoins does. However, thanks to its non-custodial nature, this exchange stands out in its focus on retail traders and enhanced security.

Features Xcoins Coinmama Let’s Exchange
Non-Custodial Yes Yes Yes
Fees 4% – 6% 2.93% – 3.90% 0.9% – 1.2%
Limits $30 minimum $50 Varies
Payment Methods 6+ 4+ 6+
Crypto selection 6+ 16+ 70+

Xcoins Regulation and Security


Xcoins is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in Malta. It holds a Class 3 VFA license, which allows it to offer crypto purchase services and a payment portal for merchants.

Thanks to its license, Xcoins can operate in over 160 countries and offer services to users globally.


While we do not know intricate details about the technologies that Xcoins uses to secure its platform, we know that it uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to secure against malicious traffic.

The platform also implements KYC and AML measures to safeguard against internal attacks like fraud and impersonation.

Is Xcoins Safe?

All our findings point to Xcoins being safe to use. They are well-regulated and licensed, implement industry-standard security measures, and have a user base of over 300,000 clients.

Reasons to Use Xcoins


Xcoins is a non-custodial platform that sends purchased tokens directly to your blockchain wallet. This promotes the ethos of total ownership and enhances security by decreasing possible attack vectors.

Users can rest easy knowing that their tokens will never be trapped on Xcoins if there is ever a breach.

Fast Execution

Xcoins prides itself on processing buy transactions quickly. Since the payment methods supported are some of the fastest in the market, users can get their coins in as little as 15 minutes.

Low Fees

Xcoins charges a flat, transparent fee between 4% – 6% for conversions and 3.9% for credit card purchases. These fees favor smaller retail transactions as the cost can run steep for large volumes, which isn’t an issue as Xcoins is geared toward retail users.

Streamlined Interface

Xcoin’s interface is straightforward, making its service much easier to use. You can get set up and transact within minutes from any device with a modern browser as the platform is web-based and optimized for both computers and mobile devices.

Final Thoughts on Xcoins

Xcoins is a licensed platform that brings crypto to retail users by making it as easy to buy crypto as it is to make any online purchase. Users can create and verify accounts, buy crypto using familiar payment methods, and receive coins directly into their decentralized wallets within a few minutes.

The platform charges a 4% – 6% flat fee on all transactions and a 3.9% processing fee on credit card purchases, but not on the first transaction (the first credit card transaction is free). When transacting, Xcoins locks in the prevailing market price at the point of execution, so price fluctuations after the lock-in do not affect your output.

You can use credit cards, Google and Apple Pay, SEPA, and Faster Payments to buy crypto, but only credit cards to sell crypto. The crypto selection includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

To begin using Xcoin Exchange, visit the website and sign up for an account

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum account balance at Xcoins?
Xcoins does not maintain account balances for users as it is non-custodial. However, the minimum purchase amounts for the various cryptos include $50 for BTC and ETH, $40 for XRP, and $30 for LTC, DOGE, and BCH.
Is Xcoins trustworthy?
We believe Xcoins is trustworthy as it has a track record of $400 million in trade volume for over 300,000 clients. The exchange also holds a license from the Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in Malta.
Is Xcoins good for day trading?
No, Xcoins is not suitable for day trading as the exchange does not maintain crypto or cash balances for its users. The platform is suitable for direct purchases.
Does Xcoins offer high leverage?
No, Xcoins does not offer any form of leverage as it does not support trading.
Does Xcoins offer a Demo account?
No, Xcoins does not offer a demo account.
What Does Xcoins do?
Xcoins allows retail investors to buy cryptocurrency as easily as they would make any online purchase.