Bitcoin Mixer Delivers on Promise to Keep Transactions Secure and Anonymous

Bitcoin Mixer Delivers on Promise to Keep Transactions Secure and Anonymous

By Benson Toti - min read

There are many bitcoin mixers in the crypto market and it would seem logical to think that these are all anonymous. The truth is unfortunately that anonymity is seldom delivered, although it is always promised.

Anonymization is not easy to achieve, but with many new companies arriving on the scene providing advanced forensics tools for blockchains, the need for true anonymity is greater than ever.

To protect user privacy, third-party cryptocurrency mixer services were established to break the connection between the sending address, sending coins, and the receiving address. This service is attractive for those who want privacy and prevent anyone from determining where crypto is sent to and where it came from, or the total amount in a wallet.

Before launching their bitcoin mixer service, revealed that cryptocurrency mixing companies are not anonymous. They have changed that by doing things differently, resulting in the first truly anonymous bitcoin mixers available.

One of the things BestMixer does differently is that they have a Tor-version of their website, which increase privacy while browsing. To make their service easy to use, BestMixer has also released a video tutorial on how to mix cryptocurrency that guides users how to use the site in an intuitive, logical way.

The truly revolutionary step taken by BestMixer was however to divide their reserves into three pools, each of which will fulfill very specific goals. Although the Coin Anonymization Event for the three pools is the same, the difference lies in the initial history of tokens accepted into a specific pool.

Three pools are used by the cryptocurrency mixer – Alpha, Beta and Gamma pool

The Alpha pool is the same as what is traditionally used by the majority of bitcoin mixers on the market. It uses a ‘Client <——> Client’ model with reserves for payments to new clients being formed from crypto deposited by other clients. When there large transactions in the Alpha pool, some of these coins are moved to the Beta pool and the reserves are supplemented from investors’ coins and private reserves. As a result, the Beta pool has larger reserves than what the Alpha pool does.

The Gamma pool reserves come only from private reserves and investors’ coins. The crypto in the advanced pool are not linked in any way to those in the Alpha or Beta pool. This pool is popular with customers who want like to break any connection between their old address and a new one, while at the same time wanting to be sure that they get coins from a source that is reliable.

As the maintenance costs of the Beta and Gamma pools are more expensive, the service fee charged by the cryptocurrency mixer for these is higher than for the Alpha pool. BestMixer’s fees are 1% when the Alpha pool is used, decreasing to 0.5% when a cumulative code is used.

BestMixer is able to mix a big range of coins, including Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin SV.

As a matter of fact, not so long ago they have updated the system significantly. It means you can use BestMixer for any anonymous cryptocurrency payment (either mass payments) for variety of products and services on the Internet.