Macro Hive Now Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum for Payments

Macro Hive Now Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum for Payments

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UK Financial Research Firm, Micro Hive, now allows users to pay with BTC, ETH and LTC after the company integrated a plugin of crypto payments firm CoinPayments.

London-based financial research firm Macro Hive has announced its customers can now pay for services using cryptocurrency, according to a press release published today.

Micro Hive, which operates as a full-service financial research firm, will now accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The three cryptocurrencies are among the most popular in the crypto space, with merchant integration making them acceptable globally for payments.

In a statement, the firm’s founder and CEO Bilal Hafeez explained that the decision to accept crypto follows growing demand from clients. He also added that as a disruptor in the research industry, the company is always focused on keeping tabs on the latest technological developments.

Users will access the crypto payment option thanks to a partnership with CoinPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment processor. The Vancouver-based platform launched in 2013 and has so far helped process over $10 billion worth of payments, cutting across more than 2,000 different coins.

Micropayments CEO Jason Butcher said that the firm’s payment plugin would help Micro Hive better address the needs of its customers. This, he added, provided a sure way towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

“As more consumers demand to pay in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, our focus is to make more businesses transition into digital currencies smoothly. It is the path of least resistance towards mass adoption,” Mr. Butcher noted.

Mr. Hafeez also added that crypto allows customers the “option to pay with more efficient and more secure mediums of exchange.”

According to Singapore-based crypto firm TripleA, there are over 200 million crypto users worldwide. Asia leads with over 59 million; Europe has over 38 million while the US alone has more than 27 million.

Macro Hive was launched in 2019 and provides retail investors a platform from which they can access quality research on various topics, including on cryptocurrencies.