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Bitcoin Future Review 2024 - Is It Legit or a Scam?

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By Benson Toti - Updated 04 May 2023
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The desire to make money from the cryptocurrency boom is the driving force behind the popularity of automated bots like Bitcoin Future. With the surge in the application of artificial intelligence in many areas of human endeavour, it was only a matter of time for proprietary automated trading software to gain prominence. 

Can trading Bitcoin Future produce the results that have become so vaunted across the globe? As a crypto investor, you will find our answers in this guide useful. We have put together this review to explain how the bot works, and what you need to do to make the most out of it.

Who Created Bitcoin Future?

The name of the bot’s inventor is not revealed on its website. Suffice to say that it is the reported consensus that some global venture capitalists who desired to maximize cryptocurrency trading returns got together to make it a possibility. The presence of several reputable and regulated brokers on the bot network around the world seems to lend credence to this assertion. So, for many investors, despite where they might live, there is a credible broker that will be on hand to attend to them and facilitate access to this software.

Who Created Bitcoin Future?

Pros & Cons


  • Automated trading: You can trade with the hands-free feature
  • Demo Accounts: You have the benefit of using demo accounts to be accustomed to the bot
  • Deposit Options: You can fund your account using Mastercard, VISA, or bank deposit
  • Easy Withdrawals: Your withdrawals are processed within 24 hours
  • Customer Support: A responsive customer service is available.


  • There is no mobile app yet for Bitcoin Future

Key Features of Bitcoin Future


The documented reports on pay-outs on the bot homepage are impressive if they prove to be true. While some users reported up to 100% return in just a few days, others point to up to 80% return in one week. It must be stated that these returns would, at best, point to the absolute maximum potential of the robot.

Verification System

The verification process is quite simple and straightforward. You will need to provide your full name and bank account details. Verification is done using your bank details, so ensure you give credible information. Importantly, this process is hassle-free if you provide a name that matches the account name used in your bank records.

Withdrawal Process

The frequency of withdrawals is not limited on the bot. Some users decide to make withdrawals once in three days. Every withdrawal is processed within 24 hours, and you can expect to have the money in your account within a day or two. 

Costs and Fees

There are no hidden fees with this bot. You are not charged registration fees as you only need to fund your account to start trading. You will only be required to pay withdrawal fees, which is fairly charged by most global brokers at just $5 for each withdrawal. You can be sure to have access to all your profits, and you can withdraw all your money at any given time.

User Testimonials

While some bots don’t have user reviews to highlight, this is not so for Bitcoin Future. The reports by many users point to their pleasant experiences with Bitcoin Future. These reviews provide an added assurance that the bot works as described and that the claims are credible. 

Customer Service

Users of the bot are guaranteed excellent customer service with the channels provided on the platform. An in-app contact point is available on the customer account dashboard. The user can easily reach out for support without navigating away from the platform. Other enquiries that are pressing can be resolved via a phone call, which the user can access after account verification.

Affiliated Brokers

Each territory has a broker that attends to it, and this makes it possible for worldwide coverage by the platform. All brokers provide new users with access to the bot at signup. By providing an account dashboard to every user, access to the bot is made easy. Each account dashboard is activated once the user is verified, and the minimum deposit is received.

Is Bitcoin Future Legitimate?

Several user testimonials exist on the legitimacy of Bitcoin Future, and this is a bright spot for the platform. With the speed and accuracy of bots not in doubt, there are enough merits to support the use of the trading platform. We feel that the proof of legitimacy often lies in the brokers that the platform is affiliated with. When you are referred to a third-party broker – which is essential to gain access to the trading markets – be sure to check their reputation and regulatory status. 

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Future for Trading

Bitcoin Future has its selling points, and they are worth highlighting:

1. Speedy Processing

The speed of processing of the bot beats what any human can do at any time. What might take the fastest guy to process in 24 hours, the bot can produce in a second. Furthermore, errors in estimation and computation cannot be ruled out in manual processing, but bots have higher precision.

2. Simple User Dashboard

The bot’s user dashboard is easy to navigate, and anyone who can at least use an email will find the software quite simplistic. No specialist training is required to use the bot.

3. Better Returns

The return on investment is high, according to reports on the profitability of the bot. The return rate is, therefore, attractive and commendable.

4. Ease of Withdrawal

The bot user is free to set personal withdrawal frequency and limits. This gives the user the comfort of trading without fears of withdrawal restrictions.

5. Multiple Trading Currencies

You have numerous trading options on the bot. While some investors might worry over the options available on some other bots, Bitcoin Future offers Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin as options.

What’s The Best Way to Use Bitcoin Future?

Bitcoin Future claims to be designed to make things easy for the investor who is new to cryptocurrency trading. The bot has clear options that are not difficult to understand when setting trading frequency or withdrawals. A new user will find out that it is comfortable to use the bot. For the experienced crypto trader, the bot is said to be still of great use as more trading options can be explored with higher investment limits and possibly higher returns. 

While price volatility cannot be easily managed even with the most experienced traders, bots make all the hard decisions in a precise and efficient manner. 

Has Bitcoin Future Ever Appeared On TV?

Dragons Den

There are online accounts of trading bots appearing on TV programs like Dragons Den. We did our research to confirm whether Bitcoin Future has been on the leading investment show in the UK during our study, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any evidence of the bot appearing there. Despite this fact, it has a commendable online presence, and many factors support its credibility and existence.    

The Profit

The Profit is a leading investment show that airs on CNBC and is quite popular based on viewer ratings. The show follows the life of Marcus Lemonis, the chairman and CEO of Camping World, a multibillion-dollar corporation. In his free time, Lemonis identifies small businesses with potential and funds them for a stake in the business. That said, we found some rumours online tying Bitcoin Future to the show; however, after a quick search, we found that they were false. 

Has Bitcoin Future Ever Been Endorsed by a Celebrity?

50 Cent

50 Cent is a famous American rapper who is said to have made money from cryptocurrencies. He has made millions from commercial endorsements over the years, and some trading bots have been rumoured to have his approval. We reviewed our sources to confirm if Bitcoin Future has the support of 50 Cent. We did not find any evidence of the trading software getting the endorsement of this rapper who is allegedly a crypto millionaire.

Paris Hilton

There is no doubt that the Hilton Heiress is one of the most popular names that bloggers want as headline news. While Paris Hilton has endorsed at least one crypto project in the past year, there is no evidence that she has ever endorsed Bitcoin Future. 


Akon is a well-known global figure in the entertainment scene. He is also neck-deep in cryptocurrency investments and is known to have an active crypto project. In terms of endorsements, we have not seen any report linking him to Bitcoin Future. Neither has promoters of the bot linked the celebrity to the project at any time.

Snoop Dogg

The American rapper, Snoop Dogg, is a household name around the world, and there is no doubt that several organizations and products lookout for his endorsement. We also took time to assess whether Snoop has ever endorsed this crypto trading bot, and we found none.

5 Ways You Can Maximise Success With Bitcoin Future

Every investment has its rules, and as you begin your journey with automated trading bots, there are a few guidelines that can help you get the desired results. 

Start Small

Wise investors always point out that while many people look to make it big overnight, it is smarter to start small. Investing €250 at a time might not be attractive, but people who learn the ropes with little money will be able to keep their loss at a minimum as they progressively trade. Gradual increases in the amount invested is preferred, as this gives the investor ample room to build confidence and know-how.

Save Some Profits

It is good to take some profits as you trade. Experienced investors point to the need to withdraw profits into your bank account as you trade, consistently. The intention here is to take your profits while trading and not just to plough back all your profits continuously. It is okay to be ambitious about your returns, but experts often say that the best investors also exercise a healthy degree of caution.

Follow the Advice of Experts

The rise of global influencers in almost every field of human endeavour means that there are experts you can learn from for free. When you follow social media accounts of investment experts, you will find tips that can be beneficial. Remember that everyone can learn from the experience of someone.

Keep a Record For Tax Purposes

Tax havens are few and far between in our world today, which means you could be liable to taxation wherever you live. So, it is advisable to keep proper records. Make sure you keep your invoices and preserve the records of your pay-outs. Your accountant will be able to get you the tax reliefs possible when you have proper documentation on your trades.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

While it is okay to be hopeful and optimistic about making profits, the best-known investors always have a rule: “Never invest more than you can afford to lose.” Use other traders’ past experiences to guide your path as you begin your journey.

Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Future ticks all the boxes as a top automated cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of popularity and usage if we are to believe the numerous positive reviews and testimonials posted online. That said, it is very important that you discover things for yourself, and not just take the word of others. You could take a look at the platform and try out the demo account to see if this software is fitted for you. 

If you’d like to take a look at other products, you may want to read our reviews on platforms such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution and Crypto Nation Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a licence cost required to access Bitcoin Future?
There is no licence fee to be paid when using Bitcoin Future. You only need to pay the minimum deposit and start trading.
Is there a funding limit?
You can trade with the amount of our choice. The minimum deposit is €250.
How much can I make on this bot?
Different traders have different success stories. Some have reported €1,000 in weekly profits, and others have stated lesser margins.
Can I choose my broker?
Yes. However, this depends on where you live and the brokers available in your region. If you have many options available then it's possible the broker you prefer.
What is my maximum withdrawal limit?
You are allowed to withdraw your profits and investment at any time, Just make sure you factor in 24 hours processing time.
How often can I make withdrawals?
Withdrawals are allowed around the clock if your profit is up to the minimum limit of €50.
Is there a mobile app yet?
No. There is none at present. However, you can access the platform through any device that has an integrated web-browser and online connection.
Can I make crypto deposits?
Yes. Depending on your area. And the brokers available. Where crypto deposit is supported, you can do so.
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