Infinito Wallet Review

By - Updated 07 June 2023
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Of all the things that might be said to be lacking for cryptocurrency users, choice is not one of them. Whether we’re talking about coins, exchanges, or digital wallets, the sheer amount of options boggles the mind. That’s why it’s refreshing when a new cryptocurrency stands above the rest, demanding attention because of its high quality, flexibility, and exciting future prospects.N

Infinito Wallet is just such a project. A universal wallet for cryptocurrency, Infinito Wallet can hold more different kinds of coins than perhaps any other multicurrency wallet. Following EOS voting, Infinito Wallet will become the first universal wallet that supports EOS MainNet.  We’re certainly not aware of one that’s more versatile in this regard. In addition to its flexibility as a storage mechanism, Infinito Wallet is also sleek and intuitive, secure, and in the process of adding even more features.

In the following Infinito Wallet review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this remarkable leading cryptocurrency wallet, as well as detailed instructions about how to start using it yourself.

What is Infinito Wallet?

Infinito Wallet is a way to store all of the digital currencies you own in a single digital wallet. This is important, because for the majority of cryptocurrency history, investors had to use a different wallet for every cryptocurrency they owned. Some users still operate this way, and take it from us: keeping track of dozens of crypto wallets gets cumbersome! That’s why it’s so refreshing to find a wallet like Infinito Wallet that stores just about any cryptocurrency you can name.

Infinito Wallet stores all of the major players, of course: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, EOS, NEO, Dash, etc. But Infinito Wallet can also store entire classes of cryptocurrencies. Most tokens in the crypto top 100 were released using the Ethereum blockchain. Even world-leading projects like EOS are counted in this number. All of these tokens, together, are called ERC20 tokens, and Infinito Wallet supports them all!

That’s great and all, but Infinito Wallet isn’t the only wallet that can do this. But Infinito Wallet doesn’t stop here. The wallet also supports NEP-5 tokens – all tokens released using the NEO blockchain. NEO, “China’s Ethereum”, is one of the hottest blockchain projects in the world, and their affiliate tokens are developing fast. NEP-5 coins like Ontology (ONT) have been among the best performing of 2018.

Infinito Wallet is also fully mobile, with apps for iOS and Android. The platform operates in 12 languages, with more on the way. Security features like touch ID claim a new standard for mobile wallets. We could go on (and we will), but suffice to say, Infinito Wallet is a cut above the rest and earns our enthusiastic recommendation. Perhaps we have finally found one wallet to rule them all!

What Features Does Infinito Wallet Offer?

Obviously, Infinito Wallet’s main selling point is its universal storage power for the cryptocurrency universe. It would take up too much space to list all of the coins which can be stored on Infinito Wallet, so we’ll just list some of the most significant so you can understand the scope of this amazing wallet.

  • Top Tier Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), GAS (GAS), Litecoin (LTC), DASH (DASH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dogecoin (DOGE), EOS (EOS).
  • ERC20 Tokens: Tronix (TRX), VeChain (VEN), BNB (BNB), OmiseGo (OMG), ICON (ICX), Golem (GNT), Walton (WTC), Loopring (LRC).
  • NEP-5 TOkens: Ontology (ONT), Red Pulse (RPX), Deep Brain Chain (DBC), TheKEY (TKY), Trinity (TNC).

New coins are being added to the ERC20 and NEP-5 families every week, so Infinito’s storage provision is constantly expanding. The company routinely adds significant coins that are not part of Ethereum or NEO, which you can see in Infinito’s ongoing roadmap.

In addition to all of these supported coins, Infinito Wallet is also very easy to use and secure. Ease of use is subjective, we know, but we’ve tried a LOT of cryptocurrency wallets, and Infinito Wallet ranks right at the top of the list for usability. It’s one of those apps you open up and “just know” how to use. They even hold your hand during the 12 word passphrase phase; even the newest of users literally can’t screw it up.

EOS Exclusive

Instead of letting you pay for the EOS account name registration, Infinito Wallet will be handle all the cost. This exclusive program will only last for a certain period of time, so please be aware to attend as soon as possible.

Infinito Wallet supports touch login – an amazing feature – but you can also use passwords or even backup phrases, anything you need for peace of mind. Infinito Wallet understands that mobile wallets are vulnerable in ways that desktop wallets are not (you can’t drop your desktop in the toilet by accident). Therefore, they make it super easy to restore a wallet on a new device, which is reinforced by the way the make new users pay attention to the passphrase stage of setup.

Infinito Wallet hasn’t been around very long at all, but they’ve clearly made a splash with over 200,000 so far. Now that you understand what Infinito Wallet is in general, let’s take you a bit deeper into its features and functions so that you can have your own Infinito Wallet up and running today.

How to Download Infinito Wallet

Downloading Infinito Wallet is as easy as it gets. Simply go to the app store on your iPhone or Android mobile device and search for “Infinito Wallet”. The wallet will be the top result, alongside the Infinito you’ve seen in this review already. Click it to download. It’s only about 20 megabytes on Android, so it’ll be on your device in just a few seconds.

Is Infinito Wallet Safe?

Safety in cryptocurrency is all relative. To be fully secure, a crypto user must abandon convenience entirely. But to be able to use your coins on demand, the user has to go with slightly less security. Well designed wallets are meant to be used on a daily basis, so it would be impossible to provide the security of a paper wallet. This is by design, not a flaw of digital wallets.

Infinito Wallet is one of those wallets that finds the sweet spot between security and convenience. Their combination of password, passphrase, and even touch ID makes this as secure a mobile wallet as we’ve seen. If you do enough to protect access to your phone itself, there’s little chance that anyone else would be able to use your Infinito Wallet. Their user information and coin data (public and private keys) are not held in centralized servers. Infinito Wallet is a decentralized wallet solution.

If that was all that Infinito Wallet provided us for security, nobody would be able to complain. But Infinito’s roadmap shows they’re developing even more secure ways to ensure the safety of its users. By the end of 2018, users will be able to integrate their coins held in cold storage (offline) with their Infinito Wallet mobile wallet. We’re not totally sure what this will look like in practice, but if it’s at the standard of the rest of the Infinito Wallet platform, we probably won’t complain.

Other Important Features of Infinito Wallet

Sometimes it’s within the nuts and bolts of a software wallet that excellence is observed. This is definitely the case with Infinito Wallet.

  • Contacts Management: Infinito Wallet is a wallet designed for daily use. At the end of the day, as much as we hear about cryptocurrencies as an investment, they are meant to be spent. When we spend Cryptocurrencies, we have to send it to a specific alphanumeric address. These codes are long and inherently unmemorable. It’s a pain to have to seek out or write down an address each time you want to use it. With Infinito Wallet, you can store all of your contacts in an easy-to-use list. It’s just the same way you store phone numbers on your mobile. This might not seem like a bit feature, but it definitely makes Infinito more useful.
  • Price Optimization: It costs money to move cryptocurrencies around. Each time you spend, send, or otherwise transfer your coins, there are costs baked into the very structure of the blockchain. With major currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, these transfers must be completed by miners, and these miners charge users money for the work that they do. Miners can’t complete all transactions at once, so users often choose their own price – the higher, the faster the order will be completed.
    This can be baffling for new users, who frequently choose prices that are too high or too low. Infinito Wallet uses proprietary price optimization technology to pick the best price, which will see the user’s transfer completed fast, without taking too much money from the user.
  • Supported Languages: Infinito Wallet already supports 5 languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese). By the end of Q3 2018, the wallet will also support German, French, Hindi, Thai, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. Obviously, this will massively expand Infinito’s potential client base. It’s common for non-western cryptocurrency users to have to use English language wallets and “hope for the best”. It’s thoughtful and good business sense for Infinito  Wallet to expand in this way.
  • Multi-Wallet. The Infinito Wallet app can support as many wallets as you like. This way you can separate investment coins from spending coins, or any other organization you prefer. Each wallet can be nicknamed so you don’t get confused.
  • EOS Registration. EOS users who wish to register their coins can do so on the main page of the Infinito app.
  • Transaction History. Transaction history can be quickly exported into a convenient .csv file, for record keeping, taxes, or what have you.
  • Visual Portfolio. You can easy visualize the total value of your portfolio within Infinito Wallet, or the same charting for individual holdings.

Final Thoughts on Infinito Wallet

We’re as pleased as we can be with Infinito Wallet, and already plan to bring this wallet into our own personal use. Infinito Wallet serves more cryptocurrencies than any other wallet we’re aware of, and we’re excited that this already long list is only going to expand. As a useful interface, Infinito Wallet out-performs much of the competition. As for security, Infinito Wallet is about as secure as a mobile crypto wallet can be, without sacrificing utility. Finally, Infinito Wallet is free.

We recommend Infinito Wallet to our readers with more enthusiasm than we normally express. This is because Infinito Wallet will make your crypto life easier. Super convenient apps like this are what crypto needs to see increased mainstream adoption. As crypto inevitably does go mainstream, we wouldn’t be surprised if Infinito Wallet becomes a household name.