One year ago, Ian Demartino and I launched CoinJournal with the intention of building a site that focused on journalistic integrity in the Bitcoin/ blockchain space. Over the last 12 months the site has gone from strength to strength and 400+ posts later we have cemented ourselves as a reputable source of information. We’ve covered exclusives, attended conferences and even stopped a few scammers in their tracks!
I am immensely proud of the site and everyone who contributes to it and to celebrate our first anniversary we are running a competition.

10 lucky winners will win lucky bags containing a random assortment of prizes from the below:

To enter, just fill in the form below and on the 31st of August we will choose 10 winners at random.

Birthday Competition

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*Disclaimer: In entering the competition you give CoinJournal permission to send you weekly newsletter emails. We will not attempt to contact you via any other medium.


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