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Read More About EOS

What is EOS?

EOS is a cryptocurrency that was inspired by Ethereum and was created to be a better, faster and more scalable version of ETH. While many have believed it to be the so-called ‘Ethereum killer,’ meaning a coin that will take Ethereum’s place due to being similar but better in many aspects, EOS price started sinking over the years. Meanwhile, Ethereum has remained where it always was, just below Bitcoin.

EOS has spent a lot of time among the top-ranking cryptos, but the price gradually receded, and it currently sits at the 28th spot with a market cap of $3.5 billion, which is by no means small. In other words, EOS price did not sink because it failed, but it was because a number of other projects attracted more attention, particularly when it comes to many tokens in the DeFi sector, Dogecoin-inspired meme coins, and alike.

Still, EOS remained true to its purpose, serving as a development platform for dApps and smart contracts. It even does this fairly well, offering much lower fees than ETH and making the process of creating blockchain products more straightforward. But it is hard to compete with the giants like ETH, which EOS learned the hard way.

A Brief History of the Price of EOS

Cryptocurrencies have experienced an incredible journey in recent years, with some of the top tokens increasing by incredible amounts. EOS is one of those crypto products that is proving to be extremely successful, and so it’s interesting to examine the behaviour of the coin in recent years, as well as the factors that contributed to its growth.

Key News for EOS

One of the interesting aspects related to EOS recently is the announcement that Block.one, and investors including PayPal founder Peter Thiel, intend to take the cryptocurrency exchange Bullish public. This could have a significant impact on the future of EOS, as Block.one was involved in the development of the token. 

This is still very much an embryonic proposal, but the idea will be to use EOS in the operation of Bullish, which could be a big positive for the coin. EOS has lagged significantly behind its obvious rival Ethereum in recent years, and definitely needs a boost if it is to become the central Proof of Stake solution.

EOS Timeline

  • June 2017: Block.one registered the EOS concept, and put coins on offer to the general public. $4 billion was raised from its initial coin offering (ICO), which broke all previous records. (EOS price: $3.30)

  • 3 September 2017: Dawn 1.0 was released. This was used to test the initial EOS system. (EOS price: $1.25)

  • 4 December 2017: A sequel to the original Dawn, named Dawn 2.0, appeared for the first time, as the EOS system continued to develop. (EOS price: $3.91)

  • 6 December 2017: Everipedia indicated its intention to implement EOS blockchain technology in its operation. (EOS price: $4.03)

  • 25 January 2018: Dawn 3.0 appeared for the first time, as the EOS blockchain continued to evolve. (EOS price: $14.58)

  • 8 February 2018: The aforementioned Everipedia attracted $30 million in investment from Galaxy Investment CEO Mike Novogratz, Block.one itself and several other interested parties. (EOS price: $9.65)

  • April 2018: EOS experienced a massive surge in price, during a bull market for cryptocurrencies. During this period, it reached what remains its highest value. (EOS price: $22.71)

  • 7 May 2018: The fourth iteration of the EOS testnet emerges when Dawn 4.0 is released. (EOS price: $17.98)

  • 1 June 2018: As was intended in a previously released white paper, EOS was finally released as open-source software, completing the intentions of Block.one in this area. (EOS price: $12.31)

  • May 2021: The price of EOS escalated rapidly during an extremely favourable trading period for the token, with the value of the coin nearly reaching its previous highs. (EOS price: $14.80)

Compare EOS with Fiat Currencies, Commodities, and Crypto

The EOS platform has developed hugely in the last few years, and has become an extremely viable investment. This is true of cryptocurrencies in general, which means that they are often compared to commodities. So in this section, we’re going to examine the development of EOS, and compare its current position with the US dollar, Gold and the market-leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Compare EOS with Gold

The first thing to note with EOS is that the unit price of the cryptocurrency is much lower than that of Gold. While EOS trades at around $5 per unit in August 2021, the current gold price is over $1,700 per Troy ounce, and Gold has been valued at over $1,000 for 10 years. This is perhaps not surprising, as Gold has always been seen as a store of value for the wealthy. EOS is, instead, intended to be more of an accessible platform for general investors. This means that the barrier of entry for EOS is much lower than Gold, making it an ideal investment for people with a relatively small amount of money to trade.

Conversely, the performance of EOS has been outstanding in comparison with Gold, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cryptocurrency generally has experienced a huge increase in value during this period, as the sector has benefited from an uncertain financial climate. While Gold has been in something of a bullish trend over the last few years, it was massively outperformed by EOS and other cryptocurrencies during the 2020 and 2021 trading period. 

Gold began 2020 at around $1,550, and did climb to over $2,000, but a significant correction has meant that the shiny metal is valued at just over $1,700 at the time of writing. EOS began 2020 valued at $2.20 and despite also suffering a correction after a rapid climb, has still doubled in value during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means that many Gold bugs have at least invested a stake in cryptocurrency in recent years, with the two assets often being seen as somewhat similar in ethos. But there is no doubt that EOS has outperformed Gold in recent years, in common with many of the top cryptocurrencies.

Compare EOS with the US dollar

Both EOS and the US dollar are seen as being a means of exchange, but the dollar has actually been through a challenging trading period. While it retains its world reserve currency status, and is still used as a pricing mechanism for both commodities and equities, the dollar has lost ground against several of the biggest fiat currencies, including sterling. 

This is in contrast to EOS, which has gained in value over the last couple of years, and therefore, has outperformed the dollar in what have been testing financial circumstances. However, it should be noted that the performance of the dollar is significantly more stable than EOS, and therefore ideal for investors that are looking for a safe bet. Nonetheless, those investing in EOS over the last two years would have made significantly more money than those investing in the dollar.

Compare EOS with Bitcoin

The unit value and market capitalisation of Bitcoin is vastly higher than EOS, although there are clear trading ties between the two cryptos. It is true that most cryptocurrencies copy the behaviour of Bitcoin to a greater or lesser extent, and this has definitely been the case for EOS in 2020 and 2021. Both cryptos have gained value, and both appear to be entering a bull market once more, after a short period of correction.


EOS Future Price Predictions

The first thing to note with EOS price predictions is that the cryptocurrency market is inherently unpredictable. This is, of course, true of all financial markets, but cryptocurrencies have been far more volatile than most other commodities. This has definitely worked in favour of many cryptocurrency investors, resulting in massive profits, but it also makes the market harder to call in many ways.

The good news for EOS and other cryptocurrencies is that their market situation seems to have stabilised in recent weeks, pointing to a foundation and bull run in the foreseeable future. Bitcoin and Ethereum have both increased rapidly in recent trading sessions, and this is usually a good indicator for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. However, calling a bull market in cryptocurrency is always a challenging proposition, and there could be further peaks and troughs ahead.

EOS Price in 2021

The exciting news for cryptocurrency investors in general, and EOS traders in particular, is that this token has increased in value by 13% in 2021. This indicates a positive trend for the token, even though it has had its ups and downs during the calendar year. 

Technical analysis of EOS suggests that the token is currently enjoying a strong upward trend, and could cross beyond the threshold of $5 in the foreseeable future. The EOS token is currently ranked 28th in the CoinMarketCap rankings, while the plans of Block.one regarding Bullish could have a positive impact on the token.

In the immediate future, it’s also important to note that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will continue to exert influence over the financial system. The health emergency has already had a massive impact on the crypto space, with these tokens tending to perform better in times of financial uncertainty. Cryptos are seen as a store of value for investors that have abandoned traditional markets, so the longer that uncertainty reigns in the markets, the more likely it is that cryptocurrency will continue to grow in value. One analyst suggests that the token will begin to move in the right direction in the months ahead, and close 2021 priced at around $4.77.

EOS Price Predictions for 2024

Most market observers believe that EOS will stabilise as a strong cryptocurrency investment in 2022. The first reason for this prediction is that more and more institutional money will pour into cryptocurrency over the next few years. With EOS having committed to a Proof of Stake consensus system, this also points to an interesting dichotomy in the cryptocurrency marketplace that could benefit EOS. There could be a split in the future between the two approaches to the blockchain, and this could turn out to be bullish for EOS.

Analysis of EOS also suggests that the currency is beginning to build a foundation at its current value. This suggests that another upward push could be on the cards in the next few years, and this will then result in extremely positive sentiment for the platform. EOS has continually outperformed other assets, in comparison with the cryptocurrency space in general, and this must be positive for its outlook in 2022.

An analyst’s report suggests that if positive factors align for EOS in 2022 the token will make steady gains, reaching $5.35 by the end of the calendar year.

Beyond 2024 for EOS

EOS’ commitment to dApps could be absolutely massive for the token, particularly considering the boom in decentralised finance. This would be one of the most useful value propositions for the token going forward, and help to define the EOS journey.

Equally important, is the market prediction that the crypto space will increase in value massively in the years to come, not least due to an increasing investment in the sector by institutional investors and private finance. EOS has already solved a lot of centralisation issues, and the partnerships that have been established by its developers will help EOS navigate the uncertainties that may happen after Web 3.0 goes public.

There are many positives for EOS, but it should also be stated that the future direction of the cryptocurrency marketplace is rather uncertain. The general consensus of experts is that it will increase in value significantly in the years to come, and that expansion is almost inevitable. But as we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues, problems can always arise that are completely unforeseen, and thus have consequences that are equally unpredictable.

While most people with market knowledge of cryptos expect EOS to increase in value in the years to come, it should be emphasised that this remains an embryonic platform. Cryptocurrency is yet to reach a stage of maturity, and in many ways it will be interesting to see the industry develop in this regard over the next few years.

In the long term, some market analysts have suggested that EOS can push forward to obtain a value in excess of $10 per unit, and that this should then be sustainable. This is far from certain, but it represents a feasible target for the cryptocurrency and its developers. One expert analyst is more cautious, setting a price target of $6.73 for the token.

For more detailed predictions, read our EOS price prediction guide here.

EOS Price Conclusion

EOS offers one of the more innovative crypto token platforms, with an emphasis on a variety of innovative use cases and technology. If the platform can demonstrate its market value in the years to come, it could escalate rapidly in value, particularly as more institutional money is invested in cryptocurrencies.

However, the continuing dominance of Ethereum in the sector in which EOS is present is definitely challenging for its developers and community. The project has attempted to address this in numerous ways, not least developing its own independent blockchain platform. But EOS will need to convince the market that it is a viable alternative to Ethereum if it is to achieve the maximum amount of gains possible.

Nonetheless, it seems likely that EOS will increase in value in the years to come, not least due to the fact that the cryptocurrency space is expected to expand rapidly. If this does occur, EOS may be just one of many beneficiaries, in what will become a massive and extremely important mainstream market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What involvement does Block.one have in the EOS project?
Block.one is a private blockchain company, and was involved in the development of the EOS.IO protocol, which was released as open-source software in 2018. Block.one continues to be involved with the EOS community, and oversees the EOS project.
What projects are being built on EOS?
There are a wealth of projects being built on the EOS blockchain, thanks to the active community of crypto enthusiasts, which makes EOS an attractive proposition. In particular, the developers point to over 400 applications having been developed. This is considered to be one of the unique use cases of EOS.
What is an EOS “smart contract”?
Smart contracts on the EOS platform establish a digital contract with the execution of specific terms of an agreement. These help ensure that the EOS blockchain continues to run smoothly. EOS enables upgrades are sustained after deployment without disrupting the blockchain network.
How does EOS manage fees?
EOS effectively eliminates fees by ensuring that the network will absorb the majority of the costs associated with the platform. The developers of EOS claim that the blockchain is one of the most cost-effective across all cryptocurrency projects.
What does governance look like on EOS?
A delegated Proof of Stake governance model in which a variety of parameters can be decided by a network architect. The developers have been sure that this can be configured in a variety of ways, meaning that this is a flexible platform that can meet the needs of its community.
How is EOS different from other blockchain technology?
The developers of the platform are particularly proud that they've been able to keep EOS as an open-source platform, and this has advantages over other crypto token technology as well. The transaction fees associated with EOS are particularly impressive, while its speedy block time latency rate enables developers to perform transactions at a lower cost. As mentioned previously, EOS is also highly configurable, meaning that architects of the system can deploy both public and private blockchain networks, providing a variety of governance options. Built with C++, EOS is considered to be highly efficient, and one of the most sophisticated blockchain solutions available.
Where can I find documentation on the EOS protocol?
Documentation on the EOS protocol can be found on the Developer Portal, where authoritative information is available on consensus models, transactions, networks and peer-to-peer connections, as well as accounts and permissions.
Who is part of the EOS community?
The EOS community is an ever-growing collection of individuals who vary greatly in their background and crypto experience. Both traders and blockchain enthusiasts have been attracted to the EOS project and community, and the number of people involved continues to expand. EOS has ensured that the open-source nature of the platform means that its community is critical to the continued development of the blockchain.
Is EOS a good investment?
EOS has seen decent enough price progression in its history, although only during major rallies. Other than that, it typically withdraws to a certain bottom where it stabilises, so it is easy to know when to buy and when to sell. This makes it less risky than most other coins, and it serves its purpose well enough to be considered reliable as a platform and a coin.
Does EOS have a future?
EOS has a fair chance of sticking around for the long term. It is not a bad project. It just doesn’t receive as much hype as its largest competitor, but it features scalability and it is reliable, easy, and its transaction fees are much lower than those on Ethereum.
Can EOS price overtake Ethereum?
This seems highly unlikely to ever happen, although it should be noted that there are no certainties in crypto. But with EOS struggling to go beyond $4 at the moment, and Ethereum is currently worth thousands of dollars, it is unlikely that EOS will ever become the Ethereum Killer many assumed it could be.

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