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PointPay is a UK based firm that is a collection of five crypto products which includes: PointPay Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment system and PointPay token.

What is PointPay?

PointPay is a collection of different products. Based and regulated i n the UK, their mission is to become a one-stop shop for traders' crypto news. Token holders can keep their holdings in their 'crypto bank' product and are reportedly able to make 20% APR. In exchange, this increases liquidity on the platform to ensure it can run smoothly. Holders are also able to stake other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin for varying degrees of APR percentages. The ICO has likely been held as there is a belief that the token will appreciate in value if PointPay's products manage to take off, as they will require a strong user base to secure their success and profitability.
The pessimistic view of this project is that other firms with much deeper pockets, such as Binance and Coinbase, are already rolling out more features that may make a project like this irrelevant in the coming years.
Lending some validity to the project is the news that it won the 2019 award for “Best Blockchain Startup”. Awarded in Moscow, Russia, PointPay was voted the winner from previous competition winners.

ICO Token Price

PointPay has a global outreach, with social media channels in multiple languages with the purpose of reaching as broad an audience as possible to find more users to support the platform.
1 PXP = 0.1 USD

ICO's Details


Pre-ICO Opening Date: Jun 25th, 2018
Pre-ICO Closing Date: Jun 24th, 2020
Pre-ICO Opening Date: Jun 25th, 2020
ICO Closing Date: Jan 31st, 2021
Country of Origin: GB


symbol: PXP
Blockchain Type: Ethereum
Platform: ERC-20


  • Andrey Svyatov - co-founder/ceo/bank pm/payment system pm
  • Artyom Zbandut - co-founder & exchange pm/mobile banking
  • application for ios pm
  • Alexander Svyatov - co-founder/cmo/wallet pm/ mobile banking
  • application for android pm
  • Anna Foster - coo
  • Alexey Ezhevsky - cqo
  • Alex Varigin - project manager
  • Yuri Surbashev - sr. software developer
  • Irina Karpenko sr. software developer


  • Jason Hung - Ico Bench Top Rated
  • Hamza Khan - Ico Bench Top Rated
  • Michael Brooks - Golance Founder
  • Naveen Kapoor - Ico Bench Top Rated
  • Renat Vakilov - Token Sale Advisor
  • Anatoly Gugel - Token Sale Advisor
  • Quentin Herbrecht - Token Sale Advisor
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