Acclaimed artist Kojo Marfo launches NFT collection

Acclaimed artist Kojo Marfo launches NFT collection

By Daniela Kirova - min read

Acclaimed Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo announced the launch of an upcoming NFT collection, which will be minted in April 2022 in collaboration with JD Malat Gallery, an institution specializing in established and emerging international artists. 

The collection borrows elements from Pablo Picasso, artifacts, and masks, CoinJournal learned from a press release.

The artist became interested in art and visual culture through traditional sculptures, artifacts, and carvings that he was exposed to growing up in Ghana. They remain a vital source of strength for him.

An extension of his work ethic

Kojo Marfo believes art is mainly a communication tool, which enables him to tap into a growing pool of ideas and creativity. His upcoming NFT collection is a natural extension of his work ethic and draws attention to the ongoing evolution of society.

For Marfo, NFTs are a medium to reach people who are passionate about art and potentially willing to invest in it. These strong connections will be signified through the NFT collection with physical works.

Inspired by history and origin

A base of 250 features was used to create the collection. They were distributed through an algorithm to generate unique NFTs. The collection is inspired not only by history but also by the artist's Ghanaian origins.

Crucial pillars

The collection is built on three critical pillars: uniting the real and the digital, artistic vision, and charity.  

NFTs can tap into a new audience and allow more people to access and obtain Marfo's artwork. The visibility of his work increases through new connections.

Part of the proceeds will go toward a charity of choice. The artist wants to help children or people in dangerous circumstances.

Marfo, who was born in 1980, is based in London. JD Malat Gallery gave over 1,000 artists in Great Britain a platform to display their creations, and Marfo's work was highly praised. While JD Malat is his exclusive representative, his NFTs can reach audiences globally.