Ankr partners with Polygon to boost web3 building experience for supernet developers

Ankr partners with Polygon to boost web3 building experience for supernet developers

By Hassan Maishera - min read

Ankr has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon in a bid to boost the web3 building experience for supernet developers. 


Ankr, one of the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure providers, announced in a press release on Monday, September 19th, that it has partnered with the decentralised Ethereum scaling platform Polygon.

According to the press release shared with Coinjournal, Ankr said the partnership is designed to enhance the building experience for Web3 developers who want to create application-specific blockchains with Polygon Supernets.

The Polygon Supernets is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)- compatible, interoperable, highly performant, and customizable. It allows developers to have a custom decentralised network and eliminates the struggles associated with maintaining a blockchain infrastructure. 

Ankr’s App Chains is the approved infrastructure vendor for Polygon Supernets. The App Chain offers developers an end-to-end engineering solution that combines the best of security, throughput, and customisability.

It also empowers web3 developers to easily build custom blockchains uniquely suited to their applications.

While commenting on this latest development, Kev Silk, Ankr App Chain Manager, stated that;

“To drive Web3 mass adoption, we must provide consumers with a better UX than Web2. Enhancing the UX is possible only by streamlining Web3 development, which is why we’re thrilled to partner with Polygon Supernets and provide developers with the necessary infrastructure to build efficiently. Together, Ankr App chain Infra and Polygon Supernets can supercharge high-quality Web3 games, financial products, and other decentralized applications.” 

Parth Pathak, General Manager of Polygon Supernets, added that 

“Polygon couldn’t be more excited to partner with ANKR to provide world-class tooling for building dedicated blockchains. With Polygon Supernets, enterprises, gaming and entertainment projects can rapidly power up their dedicated app-specific chains that are fine-tuned for best-in-class EVM performance. Polygon is bringing together the world’s leading Web3 providers (like ANKR) into a comprehensive ecosystem that will empower any team to build their own blockchain. Supernets will help bring the next billion users to Web3.”

Ankr and Polygon desire to make it faster, cheaper, and easier to build on Web3. The team added that any smart contract or dApp written for the Ethereum compatible networks, either in Solidity, Vyper or other languages, can be deployed to a Polygon Supernet. 

Adding Ankr’s App Chains enables developers to have the freedom to choose the programming languages, consensus mechanisms, and development frameworks they want to use.

Finally, the Ankr team explained that by enabling developers to build their own blockchains on Polygon Edge, Ankr would help solve two of the biggest challenges holding back Web3 adoption – slow transaction speed and high gas fees.