Bit Paradise Launches a New Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for Gamers

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Bit Paradise Launches a New Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for Gamers

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

Bit Paradise is an innovation in the cryptographic exchange industry. The platform is based on a unique foundation: game meta. The buyback policy utilizes the exchange transactions revenue completely while returns gotten from played games are not taken over by the exchange but are distributed through BET coin to all the BPD holders.

This offers you the opportunity to get returns while playing BPD games as you would on a casino stake.

Bit Paradise Directions

The saturation of the global mining and returns exchange market and the springing up of cryptographic exchange station has moved BPD to research the basic requirements that will make an exchange to gain people’s interest, trust, and empathy, regardless of their place of residence in the world. The answer to this was found in an unlikely place, casinos with a track record for excellence and that are loved by gamers across the globe.

BPD has its origin in Singapore where it was founded in October 2018. Since then, it has successfully built a complete ecosystem that is equally safe and can guarantee profitability to the users through its casino meta. Thus, it can prevent the token value from depreciating drastically.

The exchange is not resting on its oar. Rather, it has perfected plans to make its presence felt in other parts of the world. In the Latin and South America regions, Argentina and other countries have adopted using cryptocurrency for banking operations. Some Asian countries such as China and others have followed suit.

Before the end of 2019, the exchange has plans to extend its operations to some eight other countries. With this, BPD has the goal of growing into a household name in the global exchange market since its primary goal is customer satisfaction via meeting the needs of its users.

Bit Paradise Token Reward System

You stand a good chance of winning your transaction fee back through the Token Reward System. During the BPD transaction period, the transaction fee will be returned to you without delay.

The exchange transactions revenue and income-sharing token reward system are both innovations brought into the industry. Their revenue growth also offers security, an assurance that the revenue will continue to grow from year to year.

In addition to the reward discussed above, BPD also offers some other rewards. There is the 100% buyback income on games played, 30% exchange transaction revenue, jackpot/lotto operation, and 50% of dividend on BET coin.

The BDP exchange coin operates as an equity coin. Thus, your BET coin dividend will increase according to the number of BPD coin.

BET Coin

BET coin is BDP’s coin that is developed by the exchange for the games played on the exchange. As a player, you will be rewarded 50% of income made from the game if you are a BET coin holder. As a stable coin, BET Coin’s price doesn’t change.

Unit Plan for the Token

The unit plan for the exchange’s token is shown below:

  • Token sale: 9,000 EA (90%)
  • Foundation team: 400 EA (4%)
  • Marketing: 400 EA (4%)
  • Partner and Adviser: 200 EA (2%)

The exchange currently has a presale price that amounts to $1,000. All unsold tokens, as well as unused ones, will definitely be disposed of later.

BET Coin

This coin is designed for users to play games in BPD exchange. This coin can be used as a stable coin to play BPD games. You can purchase this coin at $1 and play any game of your choice from the list of available options currently offered by the exchange.

Bit Paradise Casino Games

In order to ensure that you gain maximum profit from the exchange, especially if you are a gamer, you can play BPD’s casino games.

After you have made your transaction about the games, whatever cryptocurrency that is left behind will provide you with both pleasure and amusement. Any profit you make from the game will be offered you back as a reward through the exchange’s profit-sharing Token Reward system.

BPD has made plans to provide several games such as dicing game, Horse Racing, Power balls, Go-stops, and others. It is the exchange’s desire to add more games to the exchange in the near future. This is to make sure that their users will always find enough games to play on the exchange and stand a good chance to earn impressive rewards in the process.

BPD will provide tons of games that are both enjoyable and fun. To ensure the legality of any game played on the exchange, BPD looks to legal experts from each country to make everything within the law. This will further ensure that users from different parts of the world can play these games and find excitement in the process.

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