Bitcoin could finally bottom after one more dump

Bitcoin could finally bottom after one more dump

By Motiur Rahman - min read

Bitcoin hit an 18-month low over the last three days. The coin is seeing its worst sell-off in 2022 as broader weakness in the market deepens. We have seen some recovery though but it’s still not enough to reverse the downward trend. BTC could bottom with one more sell-off. Here are some pointers:

  • BTC has managed to stay above $20,000 despite major pressure.

  • The coin however has very limited upward momentum.

  • Once the $20,000 is breached, there is very little support below that.

Data Source: TradingView

Where will BTC bottom?

Many analysts agree that the crypto correction we have seen in 2022 is far from over. The market has been quite weak, and for BTC the downtrend is inevitable. For now, the coin has shown a bit of resilience in the face of major pressure. But this will not last long. 

In fact, when you look at the long-term chart patterns, there is very little support for BTC below $20,000. The coin could easily end up bottoming at $12,000 in this bearish cycle. However, we do not think there is any downside below $12,000. So, a complete BTC crush is not probable.

Also, once the coin finds sufficient support at $12,000, it will likely attract some dip buyers who want to cash in on the drop. Besides, the $12,000 price is not that far away from the current price. It could in fact come much sooner than we expect.

Where will Bitcoin go long-term?

Right now, it’s very hard to predict where the coin will end up once 2022 is over. But it’s important to get ready for a bumpy ride. It will be hard for bitcoin to hit $50,000 this year.

This was one of the most optimistic predictions by most analysts. Instead, the coin’s fair value will likely stabilize around $36,000 or thereabout. But this will also be determined by how fast headwinds in the market ease.