Launches Custom Hardware Wallet Lockbox

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By Jimmy Aki - min read
Updated 22 May 2020

Online wallet provider has launched an exclusive hardware wallet in partnership with hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, according to its press release.

Known as Blockchain Lockbox, the new handheld device combines Blockchain’s innovative software technology with the latest infrastructure solution to attain a novel integration in one product.

Contrary to what bystanders may presume about Lockbox, its functionality goes beyond being another hardware wallet serving as an alternative for users who wish to store their crypto offline.

CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchain, Peter Smith, says Lockbox will provide users with a convenient “way to store and trade their crypto.” He went on to highlight the security features of the hardware wallet, which he describes as the “the best-in-class security.”

“Lockbox features a custom hardware-software integration with a locked endpoint that prevents phishing and spoofing attacks, ensuring that our users have best-in-class security online and off.” continues to push back the frontiers with innovations as it’s unique technology has been able to provide a viable solution for individuals and corporate bodies to safeguard their digital assets.

The company’s online platform has been able to garner about 30 million users since its inception in 2011. Lockbox hopes to follow suit by supporting major digital assets including bitcoin, ethereum, and BCH.

Smith enthused on the productivity of the company’s synergy with Ledger, describing the hardware wallet as a reflection of their harnessed comparative advantages.

“The Lockbox is a reflection of what our companies do best. We’ve created an elegant software and hardware integration that offers more functionality than previously existed in our space.

Alluding to his stance, the President of Ledger Pascal Gauthier underscored the need for all stakeholders in the industry to devote attention to security.

“With stories about crypto hacking continuing to dominate headlines, it’s obvious that security must be top of mind for all stakeholders in the crypto space.”

He also spoke on the company’s unprecedented partnership with Blockchain and how their focus on security will benefit users.
“Our partnership with Blockchain is the first of its kind, but as two companies hyper-focused on crypto security, it’s one that’s a natural fit.” He stated.

“Whether it’s hot or cold storage, Ledger designs all of our products so that private keys will never be revealed, ensuring safety for both storage and trading.”

Headquartered in Paris, Ledger has been a fast-growing developer of security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications since 2014. In 2017, Ledger reportedly sold its millionth Nano S hardware wallet at a retail price of $116.