Cardano vs Solana? Investors prefer Metacade (MCADE)

Cardano vs Solana? Investors prefer Metacade (MCADE)

By Alice Davies - min read
Updated 14 December 2022

Cardano and Solana are two massive names in the world of crypto today. Many have claimed that they even have the potential to ‘kill’ Ethereum, as they burst onto the scene with some unique capabilities while also supporting decentralised applications (dApps).

However, things have changed in recent times. Plenty of investors now believe that Metacade, a project built on Ethereum, has much higher long-term potential.

Failed Assassinations

Cardano and Solana were once referred to as ‘ETH Killers.’ Despite the hype, they’ve both struggled to subdue the world’s biggest Web3 ecosystem so far. Both chains could offer higher transaction throughput and much cheaper fees, so why exactly have they failed in their attempt to knock Ethereum off its perch?

The 2 ecosystems themselves are home to many different projects. Additionally, they can both offer NFTs as well as all kinds of decentralised finance (DeFi) services. The problem is that not as many people seem to want to use these services when compared with projects based on Ethereum.

What is Solana (SOL)?

Solana (SOL) has been touted as a next-generation, high-performance blockchain. The network enables developers to build decentralised applications that are scalable, secure, and efficient, utilising a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to reduce energy costs and increase transaction speeds.

However, the network has regularly experienced failure during its first 2 years of being active. Between June 2021 and June 2022, the Solana blockchain switched off 7 times. Since blockchains are supposed to be available 24/7/365, this has caused many investors to lose faith in the ecosystem. To compare, Bitcoin has been running continuously for 9 years straight.

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano (ADA) has a similar offering to Solana but has had a much better track record in terms of network resilience. The key difference between Cardano and other networks is that it was the first blockchain to be developed through peer-reviewed research.

The ADA team is currently developing a new scalability solution for the network called Hydra. When this update goes live, it is expected that Cardano will be able to process up to 1,000,000 transactions per second (TPS), which is a monumental improvement on Ethereum’s, even after ‘The Merge’ increased ETH’s amount from 15 TPS to 100,000.

High promise, low demand

While both Solana and Cardano looked destined to ‘flip’ Ethereum in terms of market cap, this prediction has so far been wide of the mark. For Cardano, there are currently only 70,000 active wallet addresses, which is less than a tenth of Ethereum’s total.

dApps built on Ethereum have a unique advantage when it comes to users rates, because more people want to use the ecosystem. A project that looks set to take advantage of Ethereum’s integrated benefits is Metacade.

Metacade: Vast Usership Potential

Investors have started to look deeper into Metacade for a number of key reasons. The project is a brand-new play-to-earn ecosystem that is inherently community-focused and offers some amazing benefits to members.

As GameFi looks set to expand throughout a 3-billion-person market and conquer the gaming industry itself, projects like Metacade are extremely well-positioned to attract a large number of users. Considering that Metacade is a whole gaming arcade instead of a single title, this looks more than possible.

Community Initiatives

For players, it can often be difficult to find the latest (and most valuable) information to get the most out of their blockchain-playing experience. Metacade solves this problem by creating a hub for the gaming community to share all that they know, including the latest game developments and playing techniques.

On top of this, Metacade will provide MCADE token rewards to users for sharing their knowledge with the community. The platform incentivises a strong relationship between players and gives them more opportunities to earn in the process.

Owned by players

Metacade has plans to become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), which is another feature that looks set to attract a large number of users to the platform. MCADE holders can vote on how the platform will operate in the future, as the Metacade platform gives more power back to gamers with the aim of developing the GameFi industry itself.

One key method that Metacade aims to help the GameFi industry grow is through the Metagrants program. Players can get together, vote, and decide which new P2E titles should be created in the future. After reviewing proposals that are submitted by talented development teams, the Metacade community can fund them directly to facilitate their creation.

SOL vs ADA vs MCADE: This is what investors are thinking

Since Solana has struggled to stay up and Cardano is underdelivering in terms of its userbase, neither project has managed to ‘kill’ Ethereum. In fact, Ethereum has just completed ‘The Merge’ and now offers similar transaction throughput to its competitors. Since the ecosystem is significantly bigger in terms of users, it has a large competitive advantage.

Metacade, built on Ethereum, is well-positioned for explosive growth. Not only can it offer users from Ethereum some unique benefits, but the platform also offers a range of play-to-earn games in its arcade. The MCADE token has only just started its presale event, which means it has very high potential.

Projects like Metacade can be keystone projects that links the wider industry together. It is extremely attractive to gamers, and investors who are starting to think that it could have a much better future when compared to major names such as Solana and Cardano.

The MCADE token is being released for just $0.008 in its initial round of investment. At later stages of the presale, this will rise to $0.02. If you’re reading this, you can get involved and access some major gains before the token goes live to the public later this year.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.