Cryptocurrency Education Figures Are Soaring

Cryptocurrency Education Figures Are Soaring

By Benson Toti - min read
Updated 21 March 2023

A recent study by crypto exchange Coinbase reveals that cryptocurrency education figures are rocketing. They looked at leading higher education establishments around the world, to see how many of them offer courses on the blockchain and digital money.

The results showed that education in the blockchain is growing impressively, upsetting previously made  predictions. It seems that soon the number of crypto experts in the industry can be expected to be great.

Cryptocurrency education opportunities are growing
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The Study’s Results

Coinbase carried out this study on the 50 top universities on the planet. They used the US News & World Report figures to decide which institutions should be included. Survey site Qriously then helped them to compile the data.

The highlight of the study is that 56% of these universities now offer some sort of blockchain or cryptocurrency education classes. This is a substantial increase over last year, when the number was 42%.

There was also an increase in interest levels of students who want to learn about cryptos. In this case, they surveyed over 700 students of 16 years of age or older. The last time around, 28% were interested. This time, that number has increased by 6%.

They also noted another positive trend in terms of the number of students getting some other sort of cryptocurrency education. 18% of those surveyed took extracurriclar blockchain or crypto lessons in the last year. This is double the amount from the previous year’s research.

Interestingly, Coinbase also point out that 70% of these classes aren’t categorised as computer-science. Instead, they are often listed as being part of economics, finance, engineering or law.

Who Offers the Best Cryptocurrency Education?

The top results came from Cornell University, New York state. This institution has close to 30 courses on different aspects of the crypto industry. Consequently many of their ex-students are in leading positions in the cryptocurrency world these days.

Most of the top universities for cryptocurrency education are in the US. These include the MIT and New York University. The only entrant from elsewhere in the top five was from France, the École Polytechnique. The next non-US university was the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in 8th place.

What Does This Mean?

These are highly encouraging numbers for the future of the blockchain. This is because they show that interest in studying this subject is growing.

It seems likely that we see more and more talented young people enter the industry soon. They then are likely to transform more industries with blockchain technology and cryptos/tokens. We certainly should be on the lookout for next educated generation to come up with fresh ideas and new approaches that shall benefit us all.