launches pioneer meta-dating site in Decentraland launches pioneer meta-dating site in Decentraland

By Benson Toti - min read’s metaverse project on Decentraland is the first in the dating sector.

Love is in the air, and finding love is in the metaverse!, a subsidiary of global social discovery company Dating Group, has opened the first-ever dating site in the metaverse, according to an announcement seen by CoinJournal.

The company, which counts more than 30 online dating sites and has offices cross seven countries, said the debut of its virtual reality dating space is a nod to its flagship platform’s innovativeness. 

Starting Friday, September 23 singles of all ages can visit’s metaverse dating space to flirt, mingle, and make long lasting connections,” the company announced. 

The metaverse project could see Dating Group add to its more than 73 million registered users on and other sites, including Dil Mil, Cupid Media and DateMyAge

Dating in Decentraland’s virtual love platform is designed in Decentraland, a leading metaverse platform where unique infrastructure has been set up to create an atmosphere of love.

We’re pleased to be the first dating site to unveil our virtual dating world and we’re looking forward to seeing users continue to make global connections in this new space,” said KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer for Dating Group.

As well as interactive activities for singles, a gift giving feature has been enabled to allow couples gift NFTs to mark their love.

The virtual reality platform, which works with avatars could resonate massively with people as they can explore and nurture connections without the prejudice that can sometime be experienced in the physical world – basically, “materialistic, superficial factors or judgments” likely to impact people in the real world are removed.

This can then allow for relationships to grow based on things such as personality and shared values. All the while without the nagging fear of whether one is wasting time or money as is often the case with in-person dates.   

‘Wedding of the year’ in the metaverse

As per Wednesday’s announcement, the launch of the dating site this Friday will include a “wedding of the year” involving three real-world couples.

To celebrate the pioneering move, plans a grand blockchain matrimony, with the virtual marriage ceremony bringing together lovebirds who first met on the site. The newly-weds will get NFT certificates as proof of their marriage – which will also be witnessed by family, friends and an officiant. says its website that those looking to win a wedding in the metaverse can submit applications by 22 September.