Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) to go public on the US stock market

Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) to go public on the US stock market

By Oliver Carding - min read
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The Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) project has announced that the company will be available on the US Stock Market by the end of the second quarter of 2021. Such an opportunity is possible through acquisition and further a reverse merger of an existing public company. This move is to ensure that Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) has the full potential and tools to compete with other fantasy sports companies such as DraftKings Inc., NASDAQ Symbol (DKNG).

The strategic step taken by the DFS team will lead the Company to be the first fantasy sports corporation to combine cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with sports gaming. It also pushes the company to further phenomenal development, as it automatically attracts institutional interest combined with the potential of blockchain technology.

This is going to be a historic step for our DFS token holders,” stated Jeremy Munter, President and CEO of Digital Fantasy Sports. “Going Public on the Stock Market will bring the long-anticipated true value to our token DFS and our loyal holders. They will see an array of changes to our company that will make us much more than a fantasy sports company. We plan on entering many spaces in the sports world that you will see over time. Partnerships, acquisitions, and takeovers of other companies are just the start of the vision we have. Every move will be adding value to both our token holders and our shareholders. We will soon announce the company we are taking over that trades on the Stock Market and give as many stock dividends to our token holders as it is allowed.”

Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) has shown a sustainable development for the past three years that has made the company become the number one fantasy sports cryptocurrency on the market. Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) currently trades on Cat.Ex and Uniswap, two top 100 CoinMarketCap’s exchanges, will soon be available on MayaTrade exchange. The company plans to use the US Stock Market to take the DFS project to the next level and make sure its current coin holders are well taken care of through possible stock dividends of DFS stock once it goes public.

Currently, the DFS token is backed with $5 worth of gold and silver through the Maya Preferred (MAYP) token. Once the deal is executed with the existing public company, Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) will become the surviving entity, and the public company’s name will be changed to Digital Fantasy Sports on the day of the completion of the merger. Digital Fantasy Sports will also add several hundreds of millions USD of assets which include cryptocurrency assets of Maya Preferred (MAYP), Fantasy Sports (DFS), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

Adding these assets will not only ensure that the public company Digital Fantasy Sports will have a high book value, but also Fantasy Sports (DFS) token will increase its worth tremendously. DFS token will have not only $5 of gold and silver backing it, but also the stock of its own public company.

Once Digital Fantasy Sports goes public, it will significantly boost all of the U.K. Financial Ltd’s assets, so the entire ecosystem will grow at a much more rapid rate. The U.K. Financial Ltd. Currently owns 51% Fantasy Sports (DFS) Tokens and will be the public company’s largest financial supporter.