FinNexus Cross Chain DeFi Project – Where to Buy FinNexus coin

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FinNexus Cross Chain DeFi Project – Where to Buy FinNexus coin

By Jack Pearson - min read
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FinNexus has seen a price increase of 100% over the last week due to it trending recently.

FinNexus, the cross-chain DeFi options platform for gaining exposure to other markets, is currently trending due to a doubling of its price in the last week.

The project went from $0.00106038 up to its current price at $0.00929596.

Finexus currently has a market cap value of around $35 million.

The project aims to facilitate option trading for DeFi users wanting to gain exposure to other asset classes from a single collateral pool.

Where to buy FinNexus and take advantage of price changes


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Why is FNX a buy?

The reason FinNexus has seen a dramatic price increase is unknown.

The project suffered a hack recently and has since relaunched itself as Phoenix Finance.

The reasons for the price increase are therefore unclear as the developers appear to have moved onto the next project. Nevertheless there still appears to be profit making opportunities for the project as it continues to receive volatile price movements, as evidenced over the last week despite the announcement that the project has been effectively abandoned.