Here’s where to buy Loom Network (LOOM) token after price rises 181% in two days

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Here’s where to buy Loom Network (LOOM) token after price rises 181% in two days

By Charles Thuo - min read

Loom Network (LOOM) has surprised the cryptocurrency market with its massive bullish surge over the past two days. The token has dropped a zero in a span of two days.

On September 11, the LOOM was trading at around $0.04 and today it is trading at $0.1117.

To help traders who want to take advantage of the Loom Network price surge, Coinjournal has prepared this brief guide on where to buy the LOOM coin.

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Best places to buy Loom Network coin


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What is Loom Network?

Loom Network was founded in 20127 and it is a service built on the Ethereum blockchain. It runs on Plasma, which is a scaling solution that allows for faster transactions throughout the network.

The main objective of Loom Network is to provide developers with access to smart contracts that have much more computing power and can maintain the same power at lower costs for tasks like onboarding new users. It also provides services for applications that do not need the full security of blockchain.

Loom Network provides developers with the opportunity of interacting with APIs developed by third parties and these APIs are not on-chain. It also allows smart contract developers to create applications without the need to switch to another programming language.

Loom Network has a native token referred to as Loom Network (LOOM) that is used to pay for services on the Network. LOOM token is an ERC-20 standard token.

Should I buy LOOM today?

If you want to invest in a cryptocurrency that had made triple-digit gains in the last two days, then LOOM could be a good choice.

However, it is important to take note of the fact that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Additionally, there is no concrete reason behind the current Loom Network price surge making it difficult to predict how long the rally will last.

Loom Network price prediction

At the current rate, analysts expect the LOOM token to get above $0.2 by the end of the week.

However, the token must first undo the current pullback that has seen its price drop from a daily high of $0.1384 to its current price of $0.1155.

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