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MetaBlaze token undergoes CertiK KYC to guarantee transparency

Daniela Kirova
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Few would argue transparency issues haven’t been an obstacle to growth in the GameFi sector. 

Web3 platform MetaBlaze is working on a diverse ecosystem to bring gamers and non-gamers into a single ecosystem, and their team wants investors and gamers to know who’s behind this project.

$2.7m MetaBlaze tokens sold in presale 

Community strength increases when people know a Web3 project has a reliable and honest team. 

MetaBlaze’s transparency is working in its favor. Investors have bought MBLZ tokens worth $2.7 million during the ongoing presale, Coin Journal learned from a press release

In the next few weeks, the token will be listed on several crypto exchanges. Investors have one last chance to get it as MetaBlaze is now in its final ICO round. 

Complete transparency

All members of the MetaBlaze team agreed to be doxed on the MetaBlaze Token website. The company worked with CertiK, the leading blockchain security company, to carry out a rigorous smart contract audit and KYC process of the token.

It runs on Binance Smart Chain. Documents verified by the security firm are available on MetaBlaze’s website. Visitors will find links related to MetaBlaze’s leaders here too. The platform’s transparency also extends to its tokenomics strategy and roadmap. 

Wide media coverage 

The MetaBlaze dev team has collaborated with multiple renowned media outlets to add further credibility to the project and reach out to the community. Sites like MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance have published articles on MetaBlaze.

There’s always a way to contact MetaBlaze team members as the platform has engaged deeply with its community through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.