Metacade’s Presale Set To Explode in 2023 – Get In Cheap Before It’s Too Late

Metacade’s Presale Set To Explode in 2023 – Get In Cheap Before It’s Too Late

By Alice Davies - min read

Crypto is famous for producing insane returns, and getting in on crypto presales is the easiest way to ensure the highest potential for gains. This high potential for earning, followed by a decrease, is caused by an economic principle called the law of diminishing returns, which states that an asset’s value growth will begin to slow down over time.

One presale that has proven to be a significant success is Metacade (MCADE). Metacade is building a major GameFi platform to rival some of the biggest names in the space, so it’s worth investigating before the price rises even further.

The Metacade presale is a big investment opportunity

Crypto presales are extremely popular, especially for projects with strong fundamentals like Metacade. Case in point, the beta phase of the MCADE presale attracted over $1.3 million worth of investment in just four weeks, reflecting the project’s long-term potential.

Metacade launched its MCADE token at $0.008 at the beginning of its crypto presale, but now the price is rising. The price will continue growing until it reaches $0.02 at the end of the presale. For investors looking to get a good deal, the sooner you pick up tokens the better.

MCADE price prediction: 2023 and beyond

After reaching $0.02 at the end of its presale, MCADE will be launched on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and the team will start to form partnerships to expand the reach of the token. Aside from this, the MCADE token will gain utility once it opens the comprehensive gaming experience planned for the Metacade platform.

The long-term potential of Metacade is very promising as a result. Experts predict explosive price action during 2023, which could see gains of up to 50x. This price explosion would give the MCADE token a value of $1 – a significant increase from its final crypto presale value of $0.02.

After 2023, analysts expect the crypto market to begin its next bull run once Bitcoin’s halving event ends during 2024. Bull markets usually produce major gains across the board, which could push the MCADE token up in value even further. By this time, MCADE could reach over $5, a massive 250x increase between the crypto presale and 2025.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is creating the biggest arcade on the blockchain, bringing advanced gaming capabilities to the world of Web3. GameFi enthusiasts can play a wide range of arcade-style games that each offer crypto rewards and participate in paid entry tournaments to win MCADE prizes.

Several additional features truly make Metacade stand out as a prime investment opportunity during its crypto presale. First, the project aims to serve Web3 users directly by providing a central location for gamers to get together and access valuable information about the space.

Over time, Metacade aims to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This shift will give complete control over the platform to the Metacade community, as all MCADE token holders will be able to vote in governance proposals and help drive the project’s future progress.

How does Metacade work?

Blockchain gamers can access endless challenges across many play-to-earn (P2E) games. Whether looking to play casually or competitively, Metacade offers players the chance to enjoy various addictive arcade games while earning MCADE tokens for their efforts.

In the Metacade, gamers also earn crypto tokens for contributing useful information to the community. These contributions can include the latest tips and tricks and anything else to help other gamers make the most out of their blockchain gaming experience.

Another key feature offered by Metacade is the chance to test out brand-new blockchain games before they officially launch. These beta-testing roles allow players to provide feedback to game developers, who can implement any improvements suggested by the Metacade community, including bug fixes and gameplay optimizations.

Metacade is expanding the reach of blockchain-based gaming

Metacade also aims to provide a critical service that can help the wider GameFi industry to grow. Its Metagrants program will provide funding for the most in-demand blockchain games, as the Metacade community will be able to vote for the titles that they most want to play in the future.

Blockchain is a technological advancement hub, and Metacade supports continuing progress in this area. Early-stage funding is critical in the process, as creating and launching new games requires a high level of support. Through connecting developers with its community of gamers, Metacade is directly helping to expand the scope and scale of innovation in blockchain.

Is Metacade worth buying in 2023?

The Metacade presale is a significant buying opportunity for crypto investors. Luckily, $0.008 is a meagre price for a project that offers real promise for the future, and it’s no surprise that the beta phase sold out quickly.

The presale will see the MCADE token rise to $0.02, so investors still have time to make some bear market gains. However, Metacade is undoubtedly a great addition to any investment portfolio, and it will be fascinating to see if it will reach the $1 mark during 2023.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.