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NRCCOIN, The Best Unique Crypto For Commerce Yet


NRCCOIN, the cryptocurrency for businesses, investors and consumers has been officially launched. The crypto commerce services are available to all users of the crypto community. NRCCOIN, garnering popularity in the Middle East, India and Africa, has attracted major finance powerhouses licensed and regulated by various Central Banks, as Investors. One of such institutions is Noor Capital, based in Dubai, one of the most innovative cities in the world, and the future of block-chain technology.

Abdullah Al-Suwaidi CEO, NRCCOIN LLC

“NRCCOIN is set to dominate the market and become the favored method for various types of business and financial transactions. As a peer-to-peer application, NRCCOIN allows the buying and selling via Exchange, of fiat currencies or alternative cryptocurrencies.”



The Perfect Solution For Businesses, Investors and Consumers NRCCOIN, a ground breaking digital asset has revolutionized the block-chain technology process, optimizing commerce deployment, increasing efficiency as a payment gateway, providing frictionless integration with eProperty, eLearning and Gaming services. NRCCOIN has also been developed to provide financial flexibility with diverse solutions such as Gold Purchase, eTransfer, and eWallet, connecting businesses and individuals. NRCCOIN will use mobile apps for easier accessibility in purchasing Gold instantly, with a few clicks. Upon installation, NRCCOIN is added as Gold purchased, to the user’s wallet via a unique feature called eGold Services. NRCCOIN is a complementary currency that has been developed to allow consumers, investors and businesses easy access to cryptocurrency ownership or usage, regardless of technical ability.

Mohammad Ghosheh CEO, Noor Capital

“Noor Capital has absolute trust and confidence in NRCCOIN and has thus, invested in the venture. Noor Capital will launch NRCCOIN payment to be accepted and used by Investors, within their Investment Portfolio.”



About Noor Capital

Licensed and Regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Noor Capital was established by several high-profile business scholars and businessmen from the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

For more information, visit the website: nrccoin.com | email: [email protected] | partner site: noorcapital.ae

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