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Solana vs Waves – Which one to buy the dip?

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Solana has much better news now and makes for a better buy.

  • Solana seems to have recovered from the negativity that followed its 2021 network outages. 

  • Waves has been hit by rumors of it being a Ponzi scheme when the market is yet to emerge from the bear trend fully. 

  • Solana has better prospects than Waves in the short term. 

Solana (SOL/USD) is a smart platform blockchain that has grown in popularity for its high speed and low transaction speeds. Before the cryptocurrency correction of the last two days, Solana had started outpacing most of the other top 10 cryptocurrencies in gains. This is an indicator that investors are getting more confident in Solana’s future growth after a series of network outages towards the end of 2021. Given the heavy investments that are going into Solana NFTs, Solana’s growth prospects look good. 

Waves (WAVES/USD), on its part, is also a smart contracts platform that has grown in popularity for its use cases in DeFi. A few weeks back, Waves outperformed most cryptocurrencies by a huge margin. Following the sanctions, this followed speculation that it was a Russian project and that Russians would use it to transact and protect against wealth erosion. However, Waves has dropped harder than average in the last few days as fast as it gained. This follows rumors that it could be a Ponzi scheme. 

Which one to buy the dip

While Solana and Waves are high-potential cryptocurrencies and will recover from this dip, Solana has better prospects. One of the reasons why Solana has better odds is that it has a much bigger ecosystem of projects building on top of it. Solana also has a lot more hype, especially among institutional investors, which could play well in its favor as bulls return to the market.

Waves is a much smaller chain and aren’t as well-known as Solana. Besides, after the recent rumors of it being a Ponzi, Waves could take longer to gain traction since the market is highly volatile.


Both Solana and Waves are high-potential smart contract blockchains. However, following a negative rumor about Waves, Solana could be a better buy in the short term. This makes SOL a better buy in the current cryptocurrency market dip.

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