Top places to buy IOST, which gained 36% on news of positive developments

Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges
Hottest New Crypto Listing On Major Exchanges

Top places to buy IOST, which gained 36% on news of positive developments

By Daniela Kirova - min read

IOST was in the final stage of developing a cross-chain bridge to Polkadot in early March. The trial version of its cross-chain bridge with Ethereum will be launched in April. This will give users on Ethereum access to quicker and cheaper transactions.

IOST users will also have more options to earn with DeFi and staking. Look no further than this short article for all the details about IOST: what it is, is it worth investing in, and the best places to buy IOST now.

Top places to buy IOST now


OKX is a top cryptocurrency exchange which offers over 140 cryptocurrencies to invest in. OKX takes customer security very seriously, they store almost all of their clients' funds in cold storage, and the exchange is yet to be hacked. On top of this, the exchange offers very low fees and customers can even use their crypto as collateral for loans on the platform.

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Swapzone is a crypto exchange aggregator that operates as a gateway between the cryptocurrency community and exchange services. Swapzone aims to provide a convenient interface, safe user flow, and crystal-clear data for users to find the best exchange rates among the whole cryptocurrency market.

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What is IOST?

IOST is described as a fully decentralized, superfast ecosystem and blockchain network with its own wallets and nodes. It’s based on Proof of Believability, a next gen consensus protocol.

IOST was founded by Jimmy Zhong, Terrence Wang, Kevin Tan, Ray Xiao, Justin Li, and Sa Wang and launched in January 2018. Its open-source blockchain infrastructure is designed to be scalable and secure.

Its ultimate goal is to be the backbone for future online services. The consensus algorithm makes sure network transactions are fast and secure. 

The IOST token is a way to resolve the issue with scalability for big companies, which might not be able to leverage blockchains in a customer-facing setting.

Should I buy IOST today?

Nothing can substitute doing your own research. Any investment decision you make should be based on your market expertise, your attitude to risk, and the features and spread of your portfolio. Also, consider how you would feel about losing money.

IOST price prediction

Wallet Investor expects an increase in the next 5 years. They predict IOST will be worth $0.137 in March 2027. If you invest $100 in it now, you might have $286 in 2027.

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