Can Metacade Join Decentraland as One of the Most Popular Metaverse Games of 2023?

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Can Metacade Join Decentraland as One of the Most Popular Metaverse Games of 2023?

By Alice Davies - min read

Gaming is one of the main industries that will see significant disruption as the metaverse becomes mainstream. Popular metaverse games like Decentraland and The Sandbox have already garnered a loyal fanbase and hundreds of thousands of dollars in in-game transactions. But a new entrant, Metacade, envisions similar success as metaverse gaming rockets into the stratosphere.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what makes Decentraland one of the most popular metaverse games and why Metacade could soon be joining the ranks.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Within the world, parcels of LAND are sold as NFTs on the Decentraland Marketplace, which players use to build whatever they like: games, casinos, hotels, meeting rooms, and more. Players use customisable avatars to interact with others and the world around them.

What makes Decentraland so unique is the decentralisation aspect of its platform. No single entity owns or manages Decentraland, meaning that the community plays a central role in deciding all aspects of its virtual world.

Why is Decentraland One of the Most Popular Metaverse Games?

Virtually Unlimited Creativity

Within Decentraland, there is the Builder. The Builder allows anyone to express their creativity and create scenes on their land using pre-defined objects, even importing sounds and textures to truly develop their vision. These are found in asset packs, which give templates for users to create virtually any experience they desire. Players can also build items from scratch and sell them on the Marketplace for profit. 

Users Benefit From Their Creations

Part of the decentralisation aspect of Decentraland means that players own and benefit from their creations. A similar, popular metaverse game, Meta’s Horizon Worlds, heavily promotes user-generated content but relays almost none of the benefits it sees back to its creators. 

Instead of taking value from creators and giving nothing back, Decentraland allows players to truly own and monetise their creations, directly rewarding them for the time and effort they put into the community.

Metaverse Economies

The ownership aspects described above have led to a fully functioning economy inside of Decentraland. Users can pay for virtual goods and services, purchase LAND to build on, and acquire unique wearables with the Decentraland token, MANA. This has led to Decentraland becoming one of the most popular metaverse games, filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of experiences built and owned by the players.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a virtual community hub built for the future of metaverse gaming. It’s a place where Web3 enthusiasts go to become immersed in GameFi and metaverse culture, with spaces to chat in real-time, discover the most popular metaverse games, and learn how to earn more from Play2Earn.

Like Decentraland, Metacade plans to be completely decentralised. To achieve this, Metacade is putting value right back into the hands of the players with an innovative rewards system, grassroots game development, and a community-built virtual arcade.

How Could Metacade Become One of the Most Popular Metaverse Gaming Platforms?

Putting the Community First

Metacade is being built with the community as its highest priority. The decentralised nature of Web3 means that centralised community hubs are become increasingly rarer, raising the barriers to entry as new players struggle to keep up with the gaming revolution. Metacade is putting everything you could want to know about GameFi in one space with a comprehensive review system, leaderboards, and content creation that makes metaverse gaming accessible to everyone.

Boost Your Gaming Income

To incentivise the community to share their thoughts and best practices, Metacade plans to pay users with its native MCADE token every time they write a review or post some of the hottest GameFi alpha. But more than that, Metacade intends to build a testing environment where developers pay for the community’s feedback. The fees developers pay go directly into the pockets of the beta testers and the treasury, rather than a studio executive. 

Funding the Greatest Play2Earn Titles

In 2023, Metacade plans to give its first Metagrant. To win a Metagrant, developers must pitch their ideas to the Metacade community. Users cast their votes to see their favorite idea wins funding and support. Eventually, Metacade plans to fill its virtual arcade with dozens of titles built alongside and endorsed by the community.

Should You Buy Decentraland or Metacade?

There’s no question that Decentraland is one of the most popular metaverse games with fantastic long-term potential. But if you’re looking to get in on the ground floor, then, unfortunately, the ship has already sailed for Decentraland. 

However, the rapid growth in metaverse gaming represents a significant opportunity for Metacade. As it grows from its initial phase, there’s substantial room for Metacade’s platform and the MCADE token to break out. This could lead to some outstanding gains over the next few years if you’re one of the early investors in Metacade’s visionary philosophy. If you’re looking for the project with the most potential, go with Metacade.

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