Chancer presale catches the eye as Fed resumes rate hikes

Chancer presale catches the eye as Fed resumes rate hikes

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Fed is expected to announce a 0.25% rate hike after its two-day meeting on Wednesday.
  • Stocks and cyptocurrencies have traded largely flat or lower amid investor anxiety over next moves by the central bank.
  • Chancer, a project set to revolutionise the betting industry, could be a huge investment opportunity in today’s market setup.

The Federal Reserve paused its interest rate hike in June, but all indications have been that the US central bank will resume the hiking path with a 0.25% rate this week.

As cryptocurrencies and stocks struggled amid the expected decision, one new project has stood out for the relentless interest it has seen from investors. That’s Chancer (CHANCER).

Fed to resume rate hikes after June pause

Chancer, a cryptocurrency project for the betting industry that’s currently in presale, is close to hitting the $1 million mark in funds raised so far.

The Fed’s 25 basis point hike is set to bring to the number of rate hikes since 2022 to 11 and will see the fed funds rate now at 5.25%-5.50%. This will bring the benchmark interest rate to a 22-year high – and trader sentiment on this sees major US indices down ahead of markets opening on Wednesday.

With crypto also down and Fed Chair Jay Powell anticipated to hint at additional rate increases for 2023, could investing in Chancer offer a better way to diversify a portfolio? Here’s a brief overview of this project.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is a new blockchain platform targeted at revolutionizing the predictive markets. Simply put, this is a project that could disrupt the global betting market as it is today.

The platform comes in the form of a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that promises to seize control over from centralised bookmakers and hand it to individual users. With Chancer, you can bet on any event and from anywhere.

Chancer’s whitepaper indicates the platform will leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to democratize betting and empower bettors as it evolves into the world’s largest social predictive market.

While people will be able to tap into Chancer to create bets, set odds and handle payouts, the team envisions this as being more than just a new betting platform.

$CHANCER presale close to $1M milestone

Chancer has so far raised more than $990,000 in its presale, with the 12 stage token sale paving the way for the launch of what could be the most anticipated blockchain projects.

65% of the total supply of 1.5 billion $CHANCER is available for presale buyers. According to details on the Chancer website, 518 million are available for presale on BSC, while 443 million tokens are on ETH presale. Another 443 million will be locked up in a bridge.

Buying options during the presale include BNB, ETH, USDT and BUSD. Currently, early investors can buy $CHANCER at $0.011. The price during this token sale will increase at each subsequent stage until it hits $0.021. All purchased tokens will be distributed once the presale closes.

Buy $CHANCER here.

Is Chancer a good investment opportunity?

Investors eyeing $CHANCER might want to know more about its tokenomics and what other aspects offer a compelling case for a buy scenario.

Chancer might not only redefine the global betting industry, it will do so while offering investors multiple opportunities for yield from their early calls.

One reason why buying Chancer today could be a great deal is what has been highlighted above – the massive potential that this project has in terms of disrupting the global betting industry. Also notable could be that $CHANCER is a cryptocurrency expected to power this vast P2P platform, and that both crypto markets and the betting space are projected to see significant growth and adoption in the next decade or so.

$CHANCER token could thus see continued price appreciation after the presale, particularly if the platform delivers on its highly anticipated mainnet in early 2024.

Can you earn $CHANCER tokens on Chancer?

Apart from using technologies such as WebRTC to live stream bet events and compete with anyone from across the globe (in real-time), Chancer is set to offer passive earning avenues for token holders.

This will include staking where holders earn for providing liquidity and making it possible for other participants to enter and exit positions.

Overall demand for the token amid greater adoption could also buoy price potential. Also key to the investment could be the launch of the platform as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Token holders will have a greater say in the platform’s development direction and like shareholders, get value from their money.

Users will also benefit from a loyalty program where the protocol will reimburse a percentage of the transaction fees to $CHANCER holders.

Join Chancer’s presale using this link.