Scott Melker: crypto has to meet users where their needs are

Scott Melker: crypto has to meet users where their needs are

By Benson Toti - min read
  • Scott Melker says crypto won’t achieve mainstream adoption by trying to explain dank sharding and SHA-256, and trashing other coins.
  • The Wolf Of All Streets believes mainstream adoption is being impacted by the approach being taken by the crypto community.
  • Crypto leaders disparaging each other and trashing rival projects doesn’t help, he recently tweeted.

Scott Melker, a crypto investor and trader and author of the crypto publication The Wolf Den Newsletter, says the crypto community isn’t going about the push for mainstream adoption the right way.

Crypto should try to meet user where their needs are

According to Melker, aka “The Wolf Of All Streets” on Twitter, what crypto needs to do is cut out unnecessary terminology when putting out the crypto message to the masses. He believes meeting the common user where “their wants and needs exist” could help a lot with promoting overall adoption.

Mainstream adoption won’t come with attempting to explain dank sharding and sha-256,” he recently tweeted, noting that taking this route is impacting the desired goal. “There’s a reason people ignore us,” he added.

Jeff Garzik, one of the early Bitcoin believers, agreed with Melker’s assessment. 

Crypto leaders need to do better, The Wolf Of All Streets opined.

One of the biggest problems the crypto community has is that its leaders often talk down to the mainstream audience or speak in terminology that is over the average person’s head. We need to simplify the messaging for the masses and meet them where their wants and needs exist.”

On what else the community needs to work on as it looks to help the next wave of adoption across everyday users, Melker believes trashing other projects is not one of the avenues.

Imagine having the opportunity to go on mainstream media and extol the virtues of bitcoin but instead railing about your hate for Ethereum or shitcoins instead,” he observed.

His message has been echoed by many on Crypto Twitter. One such comment was from Jahon Jamali, the CEO of American Crypto Academy, who believes explaining “the value proposition more than the technology,” will definitely ring a bell with many people.