Python awakens: here are the best places to buy TAU today

presale final stage
presale final stage

Python awakens: here are the best places to buy TAU today

By Daniela Kirova - min read

The live price of TAU, the token of Lamden, is $0.06 with a 24-hour trading volume of $830,546.00. If you are attracted to unique features and want to learn how and where to buy it, this guide is for you.

Top places to buy TAU now


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What is TAU?

It is the native token of Lamden, a Python-based platform that democratises access to the blockchain with distributed governance and rewards for smart contract developers.

It is open source, allowing users to save time by reusing functionality that others have built into their smart contracts. The blockchain is fully decentralized and run by community nodes.

They are always making updates to its technology and methods to stay current. They are proud of having nothing to do with venture capitalist investors.

Smart Contracts on Lamden are simple scripts written in Python, which this lowers the barrier to entry for new blockchain developers.

This allows people to start building apps for Lamden at once, especially if they are familiar with Python.

Should I buy it today?

Considering how hard it is to come up with an accurate cryptocurrency prediction, you should never take any decisions affecting your finances before an in-depth market analysis. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

TAU price prediction

Wallet Investor is very bullish on TAU. They expect a long-term increase. 1 TAU will trade for $0.33 in 5 years, more than fivefold its current price.

In that time, you could earn revenue of around +445%. A $100 investment in it now might go up to $545 in 2027.

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