VivusPay Finally Makes Cryptocurrencies As Easy to Use as Fiat

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VivusPay Finally Makes Cryptocurrencies As Easy to Use as Fiat

By Oliver Carding - min read
Updated 25 May 2020

Many agree that using cryptocurrency presents much-needed solutions to problems that exist across the board in the payment industry. Blockchain is a state-of-the-art technology that completely changes how we do business. So why don’t we see the ubiquitous use of cryptocurrency when people pay for goods and services or make transfers? Why do people still go to banks when a full-blown revolution is happening under their noses?

The root of the problem is so obvious that everyone should be able to see it. To mainstream a cryptocurrency, a regular person’s needs and demands should be top priority. Most people find it hard to change their hairdresser, let alone a payment method. For this very reason, all those crypto evangelists that advocate for the use of crypto and blockchain services, while rejecting the centralized banking system, fail to convey the usefulness, usability, and security of blockchain and crypto to the average Tom, Dick and Harry.

VivusPay Bridges the Gap

The VivusPay mobile application, powered by Optherium, is exactly what is needed to consolidate both the traditional and digital worlds. This app offers an eWallet that provides users with a secure way to manage their various cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies. The application is already publicly available to everyone through the AppStore or Google Play, and ready to facilitate complex global transactions at the blink of an eye.

VivusPay was developed by Optherium Labs, which also provides a B2B platform, BitCrox, which is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and an entire ecosystem for digital and fiat payments.

What makes VivusPay the number one app for money transactions is that it enables instant conversions with low fees at over 100,000 transactions per second. This means that there’s an opportunity to pay at any point of sale, or via QR code, with a fiat currency or your favorite crypto. Incredibly, you can also convert your cryptocurrency into a chosen fiat currency with the help of VivusPay and safely withdraw money from any ATM in the world.

But this is not the only benefit of the VivusPay app. Here are some prominent features that make the Optherium eWallet stand out against the competition.

Key Recovery Service

The Optherium Ecosystem gives its users a unique opportunity to restore a lost or stolen private key, a copy of which is securely kept at all times in cold storage between multiple air-gapped computers. All the user needs to do is verify his/her personality through the ecosystem’s Know Your Customer service, an approach increasingly used by financial institutions to properly identify its users. In terms of the Optherium Ecosystem, the effective KYC check is performed through the MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains NetworkTM, instant multisignature transaction confirmations from a third party, and Dynamic BiometricsTM verification.

Dynamic Biometrics

Optherium’s Dynamic Biometrics verification highlights the technological expertise that has gone into developing the Optherium Ecosystem. Apart from the usual password, it recognizes fingerprints, facial movements, voice, and retina in order to provide the necessary Know Your Customer credentials needed to gain access to your wallet. A user’s biometric data is encrypted and stored with the help of Biometric EncryptionTM, Untraceable, and Cancelable Biometrics. Such a sophisticated safeguard guarantees that no one except the user can gain access to sensitive user-specific data.

White Label Wallet for B2B

To mainstream cryptocurrency, traditional institutions and organizations should take the technological lead. For this purpose, Optherium Labs have created opportunities for enterprises to utilize services provided by the Optherium blockchains such as rapid transaction speeds, instant currency conversions and confirmations, Dynamic Biometrics™ based security verifications, and the MultiDecentralized Digital Currency Exchange. Financial institutions around the world are eligible to enter into a contract with Optherium Labs to purchase VivusPay, customize it, and further use it under their own name and brand identity.

What’s Next?

VivusPay is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the market of tech solutions for the crypto community. It offers a unique user experience, a new level of security, and all the tools to popularize crypto culture.  And if any questions arise, the Optherium Telegram channel can come in handy. VivusPay by no means rejects the conventional payment system. On the contrary, it complements it, offering solutions to the inadequacies that are currently present.

Yet, a brand new eWallet is just the beginning of the Optherium Ecosystem. Its founder and CEO Serge Beck, who is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, is ambitious enough to have thought about the whole fintech-oriented private blockchain ecosystem.

Will his plans come to fruition? Well, nothing is certain, but there are many positive indicators. After all, on board of his ship, there are such people as CTO Roman Kaganov, a proficient blockchain developer, who previously worked with the development of web applications and Java software. Then there is CMO Ari Zoldan, responsible for marketing activities and a regular guest on Fox, CNN, and CNBC.

Currently, Optherium Labs is running a private sale, but very soon, you will have a chance to be whitelisted. Don’t miss out!