Last Chance to Invest in e-Chat, The ICO Ends on March 1st 2018


    Following a review by the e-Chat management team, the main round of the ICO is extended until March 1st 2018. There are a couple of reasons for this decision:

    1) The e-Chat team is still hesitant about the e-Chat Ethereum fork. As it was mentioned before, the fork might take place right after the ICO. Due to that e-Chat has started a poll where all users have an opportunity to vote for the fork or against it. Two additional weeks of the ICO will give e-Chat followers a chance to make up their mind and the team will have a better vision of the startup, which is very important for further development.

    2) The team is actively trying to enlist ECHT on various Exchange platforms. It’s a necessary condition to let the users trade ECHT as soon as the ICO is over.

    3) e-Chat messaging platform is very close to adopting Smart Contract technology and the development team takes the technical side very seriously.

    What is e-Chat and what makes it a challenger in the messenger market?

    •    Confidentiality. Data is encrypted through the following technological combination: blockchain, peer-to-peer computing (P2P) and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).
    •    Security: Convenient key verification tools for end-to-end data encryption are used.
    •    Protection against blocking.
    •    Cross-platform compatibility.
    •    Intuit user-friendly interface.
    •    Free

    Benefits for ICO participants:

    1) By supporting the project right now you get ECHT that could be later used on the platform. As the amount of e-Chat users will be increasing the growth in e-Chat tokens demand will become obvious. According to our expectations, this will cause the ECHT price rise as well.

    2) ECHT is used to purchase lifetime storage on e-Chat. This way of token liquidation, in the long run, bears its fruit: the exchange rate will grow due to their limited amount of turnover.

    3) e-Chat provides mining options for its users. This could also stimulate the interest to ECHT and influence the growth of its market price.

    Take your chance to buy e-Chat tokens with 5% Discount during the two additional weeks of the ICO: February 16th – March 1st 2018. The price for 1 ECHT during this period is $1.425.

    To get more details about the revolutionary e-Chat messaging platform, please, visit the official website. There you can also find information about the team and the advising board of e-Chat.