$9.5M stolen from Axie co-founder’s Ronin wallets; spotlight on rising AI altcoin

$9.5M stolen from Axie co-founder’s Ronin wallets; spotlight on rising AI altcoin

By News Team - min read
Updated 10 May 2024

The crypto space is known for its whirlwind stories, and news of the recent crypto theft from Axie co-founder Ronin’s wallet has been making waves. 

Amid this development, an AI Altcoin Borroe Finance has made impressive strides with its ongoing presale. 

A heist in the crypto realm

In a twist that sounds like it’s straight out of a cyber-thriller, Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin, the brains behind the beloved (and sometimes beleaguered) Axie Infinity and the Ronin blockchain, found himself on the wrong end of a digital stickup.

A cool $9.5 million in ETH was siphoned off from his Ronin network wallets, sparking a frenzy on Crypto Twitter and sending shockwaves through the community. The culprits? They dipped the stolen tokens through Tornado Cash, the crypto world’s version of a washing machine, making the funds as hard to trace as a shadow in the dark.

But here’s the kicker: while Jiho’s digital pockets were picked, he stood tall, assuring everyone that the core operations of Sky Mavis weren’t hit. Talk about a tough day at the office. Yet, in true crypto fashion, some shrugged the event off as just another Tuesday in the blockchain neighbourhood.

Borroe Finance: a rising altcoin

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is the new kid on the blockchain that’s turning heads and making investors do a double-take. 

Built on the robust Polygon platform, Borroe Finance isn’t just another altcoin; it’s a beacon of innovation in the CrossFi world, blending traditional finance’s stability with the decentralized wonders of crypto.

Why Borroe Finance stands out

  • Dapps and NFT Gaming: Borroe Finance is not just another token; it’s a gateway to a universe of Dapps and NFT gaming, promising a blend of entertainment and investment.
  • Token Swaps and Liquidity Pools: With Borroe Finance, it’s promised that swapping tokens is as easy as flipping a switch, and its liquidity pools are apparently as deep as the Marianas Trench, ensuring smooth sailing for all your transactions.
  • Oracles and Governance Tokens: The platform leverages cutting-edge oracles, ensuring real-time data feeds that keep everything running like clockwork. Plus, its governance tokens mean you’ve got a say in how things roll.

The Borroe Finance presale

Ready for the cherry on top? The Borroe Finance presale is live, and it’s priced to make you jump out of your seat. At just $0.019 per $ROE, some analysts are calling it a steal. 

With the option to dive in using top tokens like Bitcoin, USDT, BNB, ETH, or even your trusty card, there might be no reason to sit this one out.

Bottom Line

While the heist at Ronin might have left some feeling a bit cold, the rise of Borroe Finance is a warm reminder of the relentless innovation and potential for growth in the blockchain space. 

Whether you’re here to HODL, swap, play, or govern, Borroe Finance’s got something for everyone. So why wait? 

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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