Bad Idea crypto token has jumped: I think it’s a scam

Bad Idea crypto token has jumped: I think it’s a scam

By Crispus Nyaga - min read
  • Bad Idea crypto token has jumped in the past few days.

  • The token’s market cap has jumped to over $78 million.

  • I think it is a scam that has no future in the industry.

Bad Idea crypto has moved from obscurity to become a popular cryptocurrency worth over $78 million. The token surged to a high of $0.00000042 during the weekend and then pulled back to the current $0.00000015.

The crypto industry is made up of thousands of scams. This process has been made possible by crypto tokens, which can be created by anyone in a few minutes. Most of these tokens are built using Ethereum and BNB smart contracts.

Bad Idea is one of the many project that I believe is not a valuable cryptocurrency. According to its white paper, it is a project that combines the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It aims that these three parts will help to create a fully decentralized economy. 

Unlike other projects, Bad Idea does not have a roadmap. Instead, the developers hope that it will be a system of interconnected AI agents working for humanity’s benefit, instead of it. One way it will use AI is to produce weekly blog posts on AI and other topics (makes sense?)

Bad Idea’s tokenomics seem to favor insiders, who I expect wil be cashing in soon. It has a supply limit of over 831 trillion tokens, with 58% going to the public. The rest will go to the team (we don’t know who is the team), marketing, AI development, DAO development, and the Humanity Last Hope Fund. I believe that all these entities are the same team of insiders.

Therefore, in the short term, there is a likelihood that Bad Idea token will rise as insiders pump it. It will then crash, with most buyers left holding the bag. The white paper adds that:

“The BAD IDEA Token and its associated project are intended for educational, entertainment, and experimental purposes only. By engaging with the BAD IDEA Token and project, you acknowledge that you are participating in a high-risk experiment and assume full responsibility for any decisions you make.”