Blockchain technology changing the market path

Blockchain technology changing the market path

By Benson Toti - min read

The blockchain technology is today the biggest reference on digital security. Its elementary definition is of a shared digital ledger that unable alterations of the contents after the transactions are made and verified. After its popularization through the currency Bitcoin, its usage is directly related to the cryptoasset world, however, its possibilities go beyond the creation of cryptocurrencies, once the blockchain technology is also efficient on the support of transactions that involve personal identification, elections, tracking the transparency of public sectors, within many other functions that could change the social way of relationship with centralized institutions.

Companies of global influence today seek to insert blockchain technology because of its benefits, which start with safety and go through agility and transparency in transactions and operations, which makes them even more assertive by assuring their supporters, besides guaranteeing effectiveness, the advantages of lower prices ensured by institutional decentralization.


As a new possibility for the audacious individuals that move the cryptocurrency market, today we indicate an altcoin that counts on a native and exclusive blockchain precisely for the motivation to assure these users safety, agility, transparency, and low costs in an unequaled way: Mindexcoin.

In March 2019 the currency blockchain was launched with some differentials: Mindexcoin has its owns Blockchain, that is, the transactions are accelerated by the exclusivity of the system, including in the mining of the cryptoasset. Its P2P (Peer-to-peer) network also provides its collaborators, called “nodes”, distributed throughout the world, with equal network functions and access, guaranteeing the safety of the decentralization in the verification of the transactions.

Therefore, it is worth noting that a few weeks ago Mindexcoin, which had its first ICO round in 2017, reached the third position in the volume of negotiations in 24 hours, according to the CoinMarketCap platform, exceeding the mark of 700% increase.

These data prove the viability of using one more cryptocurrency for transactions, but not only that: the possibility of applying in an asset that promises to establish itself with solidity and security in the market. Mindexcoin’s team says that the currency’s path is to become one of the 10 top greatest in the world, in an article published on the Cointelegraph portal.

That is, Blockchain Mindexcoin is the tool that seals the complete package offered to users of this attractive market promise, ensuring that all the financial advantages of the currency have security enabled with greater agility and much more attractive prices.