Could AltSignals become the hottest token in 2023 as experts laud artificial intelligence?

Could AltSignals become the hottest token in 2023 as experts laud artificial intelligence?

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • AltSignals has generated more than $1.23 million in a fast-occurring presale

  • TicketMeta co-founder says AI is the biggest news of the century

  • AltSignals has the potential to rise by over 1,000% in the long term

Decentralised AI is still in its infancy, although the technology has been used for years. AltSignals, a trading signal platform, has embarked on AI transformation to capitalise on this trend. The platform has been popular with traders and is tapping into AI to supercharge trading. The signal service will launch an AI platform powered by a crypto token, $ASI. Within weeks, the presale has raised $1.23 million. You can participate in the presale through the company’s website.

Experts laud AI as the biggest news of the century

Although AI has been in use, its application is growing beyond the traditional borders. Irina Jadallah, the co-founder of NFT ticketing service Ticketmeta, says AI is the biggest news of the century. She recognises the latest AI-led innovations like Alexa, Siri, and ChatGPT. Jadallah believes AI has the potential to revolutionise many fields.

The Ticketmeta co-founder’s sentiments have been echoed across. AI technology is finding applications in crypto. The metaverse and the overall Web 3.0 space have been some of the blockchain application areas.

AI applications in the trading world are also fast expanding. AltSignals wants to tap into AI and blockchain to launch a new and improved signal-generation service. 

About AltSignals and AI trading service

AltSignals is a UK trading service with about 5 years of successfully delivering quality signals. The company covers different financial instruments like forex, stocks, and crypto. The signals average 64% accuracy rates. The company has raised over $2.2 million in revenues from the signals. The service is utilised by over 52,000 traders, with more than 1400 VIP members. 

The robust demand for trading signals has fueled the AltSignals team to consider AI. The company will launch a new platform dubbed ActualizeAI. To become a member, one will need to purchase $ASI, the token powering the platform. The aim is to make AltSignals and ActualizeAI member-governed, with $ASI as the medium of voting.

What is the value proposition of $ASI?

$ASI has a huge price potential since it powers a successful trading service. Investors could earn from potential price increases. Currently, $ASI goes for $0.01875, but the value is expected to be slightly higher in the next presale stage. With the token price low, a potential increase in demand will raise the value and generate huge returns.

But $ASI is more than an asset for speculation. It means investing for trading profits and learning from the experts. Investors get access to quality trading signals generated by the AltSignals team. There are also learning opportunities where traders can engage in trading contests. Investors are rewarded with $ASI for winning trading tournaments and competitions. This could be an opportunity to improve one’s trading skills.

AltSignals also allows investors to join the AI Members Club. The members can earn $ASI by giving feedback and ideas on various projects. There are also exclusive presale opportunities for ActualizeAI members.

Will AltSignals explode in 2023?

AltSignals could be an ideal investment opportunity over the long term. Decentralised AI is getting noticed while blockchain is growing. This means $ASI can deliver consistent returns as the AI platform grows in popularity. The prediction doesn’t mean $ASI will be muted in 2023.

The token’s presale has been happening fast, implying high demand. With $ASI set to list on Uniswap in the third quarter of 2023, the value could finish the year strongly. A conservative double or triple-digit percentage price increase is likely. 

In the long term, $ASI has the potential to rise by more than 1,000% as it witnesses increased use. As such, the token is attractive now when still on presale, and demand is somehow locked.