Ethena (ENA) and these three coins could be heating up for a massive rally

Ethena (ENA) and these three coins could be heating up for a massive rally

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These 4 coins could be heating up for a massive rally
  • Ethena’s (ENA) price could surge to $3.91 by the end of 2024, according to some analysts.
  • Some experts believe Avalanche’s (AVAX) price could hit $117.09 by May 25.
  • Jupiter’s (JUP) price could reach $3.39 by May 23.

With the recent broader market surge, four coins – Ethena (ENA), Avalanche (AVAX), Jupiter (JUP), and Milei Moneda ($MEDA) – are showing promising signs of a potential rally.

Factors such as expanding usage, strategic partnerships, and growing investor interest contribute to these coins’ positive outlook.

Let’s explore why these four possible top altcoins for 2024.

Ethena (ENA) price rally on crucial integrations

Since its launch in April, Ethena (ENA) has experienced a remarkable surge in value, with the price of its native token, ENA, increasing by over 20%. However, despite ENA’s price dropping by more than 18% in the past seven days due to a downturn in the overall market, the long-term outlook for Ethena remains positive due to its expanding usage.

Partnerships with leading wallet providers like Bitget and OKX are helping to increase the adoption of the Ethena platform. Through integrations with Bitget Wallet and the OKX Wallet, more users now have convenient access to Ethena’s offerings. These collaborations are making it easier for the crypto community to interact with and utilize the full capabilities of Ethena.

As real-world usage of Ethena (ENA) expands through partnerships with major wallet companies, analysts believe the price could rise substantially in the near future. Their forecasts suggest Ethena’s value could pump as high as $3.91 in 2024.

Overall market resurgence drives Avalanche’s momentum

Despite experiencing a decline of over 35% in the past 30 days, Avalanche has showcased its resilience by demonstrating a more than 23% increase over the past week. This bullish momentum is further reflected in its year-to-date gains of over 3.2%.

The recent surge in Avalanche’s value can be attributed to the broader market resurgence, which has led whale investors to acquire approximately 52 million AVAX tokens in the past few days. Additionally, listing Avalanche on the Robinhood platform may have contributed to its upward trajectory.

Furthermore, market experts anticipate that Avalanche will continue to rise as the overall market recovers. Consequently, they predict the price of Avalanche could reach $117.09 by May 25.

Jupiter (JUP) price bounce follows a record voter turnout

Jupiter experienced a significant decline after reaching a new ATH of $2.04 in January. Moreover, the price of JUP has dipped by more than 33% since its launch. In the past 30 days alone, the price of JUP has continued to decrease by over 19%, accompanied by a nearly 20% decline in its crypto market cap during the same period.

However, Jupiter’s price rebounded over the past week, surging over 33%. This uptick coincided with The Jupiter DEX completing its second launchpad vote to introduce Sanctum and UpRock as the next ecosystems on its platform. Voter turnout for these two projects accounted for over 230 million in staked JUP, representing record participation.

Moreover, these recent developments have instilled confidence in industry experts, who foresee a continued upward trajectory for JUP’s value. Based on their projections, they anticipate that the price of Jupiter could reach $3.39 by May 23.

Milei Moneda emerging as an alternative

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a significant surge lately, and one of the tokens that has caught the attention of investors is Milei Moneda. As its official launch on Uniswap draws near, there is growing anticipation that this emerging memecoin could be heating up for a massive rally in the near future.

Milei Moneda has gained recognition for its vibrant and engaged community, which is crucial in driving its success. Furthermore, the project demonstrates a strong commitment to security, governance, and user engagement. As institutional investors increasingly enter cryptocurrency, Milei Moneda ensures smart contracts face rigorous audits, and liquidity remains locked.

Moreover, the presale of Milei Moneda has already witnessed immense demand, with Stage 1 completely selling out. The ongoing presale has now transitioned to Stage 2, offering tokens at an altcoin price of $0.0125. Once the presale concludes, $MEDA will launch on Uniswap on May 21 with a DeFi coin price of $0.020, presenting new investors with a remarkable 60% ROI.


These four cryptocurrencies, ENA, AVAX, JUP, and $MEDA, appear well-positioned to benefit from the broader market recovery. Their strengthening fundamentals provide optimism that investors could witness a massive price rally across these coins in the near future.

If you are curious about $MEDA, visit their official website or chat them on Telegram for the inside scoop.