Huge anticipation as Shiba Memu clocks nearly $1.7M in presale

Huge anticipation as Shiba Memu clocks nearly $1.7M in presale

By Motiur Rahman - min read
  • New meme sensation Shiba Memu has raised $1.697 million

  • Shiba Memu gears to be a sustainable meme cryptocurrency

  • The token has a huge potential of up to 50x

There is a lot of enthusiasm around the launch of a new meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Memu. The lovely puppy of a cryptocurrency has caught the eye of investors looking for a meme out of the ordinary. Unlike its siblings like Shiba Inu, Shiba Memu is an AI-led meme cryptocurrency. As such, it has greater capabilities, making it a worthy rival with huge potential. That partly explains the fast-selling presale, which has raised $1.697 million in a few weeks.

Leveraging the power of AI through Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu is unique to other meme cryptocurrencies in that it incorporates AI. AI enables Shiba Memu to maintain momentum and be a sustainable project. That’s due to the fact that Shiba Memu doesn’t rely on human-led PR to increase popularity. It can sniff out the best creative ideas in advertising, generate hype and drive growth. 

Shiba Memu also grows and becomes better each day. As an autonomous marketing machine, Shiba Memu can learn from its successful marketing interventions. It can also improve its own strategies and apply marketing strategies that align with new trends. 

But Shiba Memu can also forecast trends and tailor its marketing. It does it through its predictive analytics capabilities, which make the puppy move with time. As you may be aware, the meme landscape generates a lot of online chatter and sentiment. Shiba Memu can use its sentimental analysis to distinguish between important and unimportant messages. This way, it can craft objective responses to keep its community informed.

Finally, Shiba Memu can build positive interactions with users. It does so through an AI dashboard. Users can ask questions, provide feedback, and get informed on the latest in creative advertising. The engagement could drive hype for the project and allow Shiba Memu to remain sustainable. 

The unique Shiba Memu presale

Forget those endless weeks or months of presale. Shiba Memu’s presale occurs in eight weeks. After this, the presale will close with whatever amount is raised and tokens released to the holders. 

However, the best part is that the price of SHMU increases daily at 6 PM. By the end of the presale, the price will be $0.0244, up from the initial $0.011125. With this price dynamic, Shiba Memu generates value for investors daily.

What is the price potential of Shiba Memu?

Given the early subscription for the project, it is interesting to think about the potential of Shiba Memu. As a snapshot, meme cryptocurrencies rose from a valuation of $0 in early 2020 to $20 billion in early 2022. Investors see them as vehicles for quick gains, a task they have delivered.

Shiba Memu enters the meme space, riding on the momentum that started in 2020. In the past, meme cryptocurrencies have risen by up to 1000% in a few days after going live. Shiba Memu stares at a similar potential once it launches on exchanges. 

But Shiba Memu could go the extra mile. AI is fast growing and is hype in itself. Shiba Memu could ride on the meme and AI hype to become an overnight sensation. 

There is also the question of the future potential of which other meme cryptocurrencies have fallen short. With the capability of AI, Shiba Memu could tap into more use cases to sustain growth. This means the potential for Shiba Memu to become a 50x investment is nearly an expectation.

Should you invest in Shiba Memu now?

A lost opportunity to invest in a good project could haunt. As we saw with the meme tokens of the past, procrastination always brings lamentation. These tokens have returned big to its early movers.

Any ideal investment like Shiba Memu is best taken when the project is launching. This is when the price is low and demand is locked. Thus, investing in the meme token could be right now than when the token has been listed.