John McAfee’s first crypto Visa card launches in 90 days

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John McAfee’s first crypto Visa card launches in 90 days

By Benson Toti - min read
Updated 21 March 2023
John McAfee Crypto Card
By John McAfee | Twitter

The 2020 US presidential candidate’s original Visa cryptocurrency debit card is planned to be ready for use at the end of July, McAfee announced yesterday.

Other than a daily spending limit of $2000, the very first crypto Visa card has no restrictions and will be accepted globally, not dissimilar to a conventional Visa card.

McAfee stated, “Before the end of the summer, I hope that all crypto users will be carrying this card and enjoy the fruits of my labour”.

Initially, the card only accepts Bitcoin and you can deposit directly onto the card by scanning your BTC address via a QR code on the card. Users can deposit an unlimited amount of BTC and use the card for everyday tasks such as grocery shopping.

As soon as the card goes live, McAfee will be listening on his Twitter feed and will direct customers to a sign-up page, where they can apply for the Visa card by giving away only their name and address.

McAfee, currently stranded in Cuba, waiting for US repair parts for his boat to arrive before heading to Jamaica, said the first 12,000 cards have his face on them.

This announcement comes after car manufacturer Jaguar Landrover’s news of planning to install IOTA wallets in their future cars.

“This is just the beginning my friends”, McAfee tweeted in response.

“I fully expect every automobile manufacturer before the end of the year to be producing automobile crypto wallets”, he said.

“You hear all the time ‘it’s too late, we should have gotten into Bitcoin in 2010’ – this is nonsense. We are still in the very emergent phases of crypto.”

Source: @officialmcafee Twitter

The entrepreneur believes in privacy coins like Monero and Apollo to be the ultimate winners in the crypto game, keeping the business transactions visible only between the people transacting.

“Privacy coins can’t lose, they have to end up being the largest percentage of transactions, either that, or I completely misunderstand human nature”, he added.

His bid for the 2020 US presidency gave way to controversy as McAfee is known to be currently under investigation by the IRS.

“I admire president Trump for a number of his talents. But, I’m not running against President Trump. I’m simply running. I just want access to the national stage so that I can speak my mind about what I see are the problems in America and how these problems might be fixed.”

With a great deal of support from the crypto community for the legendary computer programmer and the close to 1M followers on Twitter that McAfee cultivated, the release of his first ever Visa crypto card promises to produce quite a wave in the Bitcoin world.


By Leonie Zeumer



Features Image: By John McAfee | Twitter